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MAKEUP FIX : has some exciting classes coming for 2018!!! Cant wait to share! 📸 @lili__fang 👡 @brico.lachic 💇🏼‍♀️ @eringrahamhair 💋 @makeupfix.byjem for @circusmag ✨💗
falafel and catching up with this one 💕 #goodtimes #0711 #girlstalk #afterwork
When in europe bincang manjaahh dengannya 😍👯 . . . . . Europtrip #onvacay #girlstalk
Does anyone else have that friend that you are pretty sure is your soulmate but in a friend way? ☺️💞 👆🏽 i found mine 5 years ago (or more?! 😆) 👑 žena, majka, kraljica volim te najviše ! #kuma #sekica #volimte #perfectday #sun #enjoy #munich #germany #croatian #balkan #girls #love #girlstalk #friendshipgoals
💄 . 卒業してからのほうが頻繁に遊んでる💞 最近似てるとか姉妹?ってきかれることあって光栄すぎるうれしい😂💓 . ローテ研修も残すとこあと3ヶ月がんばろ~~🙆 #osaka #sundaynight #girlstalk #medical #love
Café, Chai e Conversa: a boa do dia ☕🍨🍵 #cafédatarde #girlstalk #turistandoportoalegre
Deep talk letzten Sommer mit Bestie @cathivalenta 👭 #girlstalk #javoll #monalisa
What a stunning girl!!! Don't u think so?? 😍
The fragrances are able to draw back deeper, unexpected and emotional memories. They are able to take us to places we didn’t think we'd still hold in. That is why I associate candles with this word: feelings. Every scent is clutched indelibly between the meanders of our mind, and then suddenly disclose to the perception of something as labile as an odor, to have the same perception of a dream. It seems that it escapes away at any moment, you thought you remember everything instead what you remember at the end -of the smell, of the memory, of the dream- is just a feeling, a strong perception. Exciting. I’m so happy to work with @Myjoliecandle, because these candles are a gift of sensations. For ourselves or for others. There are millions of fragrances, and each candle holds a silver jewel with Swarovski crystals inside. I keep my candle lit every day, expect to discover my gem meanwhile I travel through vanilla memories that I believed lost. If you want to try -or give- a feeling, you can have a discount using my code: DASYNKA10 • I profumi riescono a richiamare indietro i ricordi più profondi, inattesi ed emotivi. Sono capaci di portarci in posti che non credavamo di conservare ancora dentro. Per questo una candela la associo a questa parola: sensazioni. Ogni fragranza sa avvinghiarsi indelebilmente tra i meandri della nostra mente, per poi dischiudersi improvvisamente alla percezione di qualcosa talmente labile come un odore, da avere la stessa percezione di un sogno. Sembra che sfugga via in qualsiasi istante, credevi di ricordare tutto invece quello che ricordi alla fine -dell’odore, del ricordo, del sogno- è solo una sensazione, una percezione forte. Emozionante. Sono felicissima di collaborare con @Myjoliecandle, perchè queste candele sono un regalo di sensazioni. Per noi stessi o per gli altri. Esistono milioni di profumazioni, e ogni candela custodisce all’interno un gioiello in argento e cristalli Swarovski. Io tengo accesa la mia candela ogni giorno, aspetto di scoprire il mio gioiello e intanto viaggio tra ricordi di vaniglia che credevo persi. Se voleste provare -o regalare- una sensazione, potete avere uno sconto usando il mio codice: DASYNKA10
The first look and the second flame. #candles #flowers #girlstalk
Who’s mentally checked out of work right now? 🙋🏻‍♀️ . . I am for sure! I’m ready for thanksgiving plate and 3 more rounds after that. But in the mean time let me enjoy my cocktails before the cooking begins 🥂. . . . . #happyhour #thanksgiving #thanksgivingeve #cocktails #vodka #therapy #girlstalk #cheers #calories #weekend #party #alcohol #relax #holidays #foodporn #food #foodies #drinks #comfortfood #love #happy #fun
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