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Amanda9/11 Art Books Actress - Since 1983, aside of her other activities, Amanda became a recognized painter and had major Art exhibitions in France (Paris), Italy (Pietrasanta), Belgium (Bruges) and in the US (Boston and New York) to name few. She never ceased to release music albums (21 in total, last album released in 2016) but never reached the success she had as a disco queen. 1986 was meant to be her big music comeback with touring South America, Europe and Japan but a near fatal car accident put her to bed for months in order to recover and she used that opportunity to write her acclaimed novel "L'Immortelle', a surrealistic tale of the torments of a woman doomed to eternal youth and beauty. Among all the books she wrote, she also wrote two autobiographies, "My life with Dali" and "Je ne suis pas celle que vous croyez" [a french pun meaning both 'I am not the one you think'/'I am not the one you believe'] and a book called "Between Dream and Reality". She has appeared in numerous commercials in Europe and made few movies and continued her activity as a stage actress (that she started in 1972 in London) in several plays in France. But the years 1983 to 1999 would be the years for what Amanda became the most known to the European public... her TV years #AmandaLear #tgirlspower #TransArtForAll #transwoman #transsexual #ts #girlslikeus #transgirl #tgirl #mtf #justbeyourself
I’m cute tbh? Many thanks to @trashkingdomcouture for their incredible work on outfits for me! #transgender #girlslikeus #transgirl #ootd
Miss Gay & Miss Transsexual Australia International 2018 Australia's biggest international pageant for female impersonators and transgender women. Watch drag queens and gorgeous transgender beauties from across the country go head to head in the magnificent St Kilda Town Hall Auditorium, Melbourne, Australia on January 27, 2018. TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW - LINK IS ON MY BIO 👑 #transgenderbeautypageant #dragqueenbeautypageant #midsumma #midsummafestival #midsummafestival2018 #midsummacarnival #StKildaTownHall #stkilda #melbourne #australia #beautypageant #ssxo #transgirl #transbeauty #transisbeautiful #tgirl #transandproud #girlslikeus #transgender #transgenderwoman #lifesadrag #transwoman #lgbt #dragqueens #lgbtq #gays #gaysofmelbourne #melbournians #victoria #missgayandmisstranssexual
Most girls who attend public school in rural India don't have access to sanitation facilities. Donate now to provide them with Saafkins™, a 12-hour menstruation solution. That's enough to last their school day and take care of those #MondayReds. 🕐💧
Good morning! It‘s cold, and it‘s Monday, but the sun is shining. And only six more times sleeping until Christmas! With this in mind, have a wonderful week! - - #mondaymood #goodmorning #instamorning #winteroutfit #transgirl #transgender #girlslikeus #instagood #instadaily #viennagirl #vienna
Amanda7/11 Disco Queen - Amanda became a million-album-selling disco queen, mainly in Continental Europe and Scandinavia. She signed in 1976 a seven-year, six-album recording contract with producer Anthony Monn and label Ariola, based in Munich, Germany, for an "astronomic" sum of money. Amanda's first four albums earned her mainstream popularity, charting in the Top 10 on European charts, including the best-selling Sweet Revenge (1978). Her biggest hits, which all became Gold, included "Blood and Honey", "Tomorrow", "Queen of Chinatown", "Follow Me", "Enigma (Give a Bit of Mmh to Me)" and "Fashion Pack". Many of her singles, as well as albums became Gold in many countries of Europe. Since her teens, Amanda is fluent in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. She wrote most of all her songs lyrics in English, but used these other languages as well. She was touring all Europe and became a regular guest in many countries music tv shows, given her polyglot abilities. By her fourth album, she also toured both Latin America and Japan. In the beginning of the 80's, she slowly swifted away from 'Disco' to the 'New Wave' music era. 1983 was a decisive year where her contract with Ariola came to end, and she made her first Art exhibition in Paris. Amanda being Amanda, the end of this did not mean the end of that... #AmandaLear #tgirlspower #TransArtForAll #transwoman #transsexual #ts #girlslikeus #transgirl #tgirl #mtf #justbeyourself
pamper and beauty time at @pearlaestheticsph before ✈
⠀ ✨🌟✨ There is always a little truth behind every "I'm joking", a little knowledge behind each "I do not know", a little emotion behind each "I don’t care" and a little pain behind each "I’m fine." ⠀ ✨🌟✨ Всегда есть немного правды за каждым «я шучу», немного знаний за каждым «я не знаю», немного эмоций за каждым «мне без разницы» и немного боли за каждым «все хорошо». ⠀ ✨🌟✨ Photo by @yuliyabezdar Hair by @hairs_milashkina
Amanda6/11 Swinging London - During her modeling period, Amanda was a renown night life "star", regularly feeding newspapers gossip section. She was well acquainted to both Paris and London's Beautiful People, regularly hanging out with Dali, the Beatles, Twiggy etc... She became Brian Jones lover for a time, irresistibly moving slowly in the direction of music. One element that started it unconsciously was the 1973 cover she made for Bryan Ferry's Roxy Music album "For Your Pleasure", an album highly celebrated both for its cover and its content. By 1974, Amanda got fed up of being a model, and expressed her desire to go into music to her then one year lover David Bowie. He highly encouraged her to do so, and paid for singing and dancing lessons. They did her first track together as a duo, called "Star" which has never been released. By 1976, after several minor songs, Amanda's life would take a new turn... #AmandaLear #tgirlspower #TransArtForAll #transwoman #transsexual #ts #girlslikeus #transgirl #tgirl #mtf #justbeyourself
Amanda5/11 Dali - The relation between Salvador Dali and Amanda Lear is made of mutual respect and admiration. Amanda made of Dali her Mentor, and Dali made of Amanda his Muse. From the day they met, to the day he passed away in 1989, their 16 years longs relation was a "spiritual marriage" and she remained Dalí's confidante, protégée and closest friend. Amanda spent every summer with Dalí and his wife Gala at his home at Port Lligat in Catalonia and accompany them on trips to Barcelona, Madrid, Paris and New York. She also took part in his art projects, posing for a number of Dalí's drawings and paintings, including The Dream of Hypnos , Angélique Rescued from the Dragon and Venus in Furs. Amanda wrote two books about Dali #AmandaLear #tgirlspower #TransArtForAll #transwoman #transsexual #ts #girlslikeus #transgirl #tgirl #mtf #justbeyourself
When your flowers are just as extra as you ✨ @jadorelesfleurs Via @amrezy
Amanda4/11 Model - In 1965, while living in London, she was spotted by a Model Agency who made her signed her first contract. She returned to Paris for her debut, and became instantly a renown model, her looks being very much in demand and she soon became close friends of fellow top models Twiggy, Pattie Boyd and Anita Pallenberg, to name few. Amanda was photographed by Helmut Newton, Charles Paul Wilp and Antoine Giacomoni for magazines such as Elle and Vogue. She modelled for fashion designers including Paco Rabanne, Yves Saint Laurent and Coco Chanel in Paris and Mary Quant, Ossie Clark and Antony Price in London. It did not take long for her to drop out of art school to model full-time and went on to lead a bohemian and flamboyant life in the Swinging London of the Sixties. Amanda appeared in several advertisements for major brands, modelling among others for a Chantelle underwear range and the Detchema fragrance by a French company Révillon Frères. In 1971 (31 years old), she modelled for a special Christmas issue of the French edition of Vogue, edited entirely by Salvador Dalí, and was photographed by David Bailey. [First 3 photos from her model agency, all following photos from Vogue] #AmandaLear #tgirlspower #TransArtForAll #transwoman #transsexual #ts #girlslikeus #transgirl #tgirl #mtf #justbeyourself
Everyone should have mistletoe like this!!Because, when you get down to the nitty gritty,.... It's freedom of expression that we're all fighting for & we all should be on the same page here, especially if one seeks progress!! 🌿💚👌🌞👀🎶🎤🎧🥁🎸 #ItTakesaVillage #CannabisCuRRRes #Hope #PlantHope #GirlsLikeUs #HighTimes #EarthBeauty #FirePits #Spirituality #Peace #LeafUsAlone #GypsyChicks #Yoga #CannabisCures #InkedTribe #MyGreenThumb #Enlightened #CannabisCommunity #Spiritual #ViceLand #CannaCommunity #CantBeDenied #FukPTSD #JourneyIsTheDestination #Fighter #FukCancer #CannaWarrior #PlantHope #PaintingStories #IllegallyHealing #Vice
Fun self portrait ❤.
Tonight's reading. Two hours until my 28th birthday. I honestly didn't think that I would live this long for the majority of my life. Now that I'm here I kind of don't know what to do about it. I didn't really have any plans because I never really believed that I was worth having a future. In some ways the last year has been the best year of my life. I met three deeply important loves in my life who fill my heart with joy and make me feel worthy of love and light. It has also been one of the hardest years in my life. I have dealt with so much trauma and pain this year and also the echoes of so much past trauma that I never reconciled. I left a job of certainty that was burning me out to leap into the void of self employment, sexuality, and education work. My uncertainty about basic survival is a terrifying reality that haunts me every day. This has also been a year of personal and public reckoning with sexual assault, sexism, and the legacy of sexist violence. Even though these conversations are deeply important and need to happen, it has been so deeply exhausting and triggering for me. My mother has now not talked to me for almost an entire year. This is the first birthday that we haven't been in contact. Early on in my life, my mother was such a source of power and strength for me, but now I feel completely discarded by her projections and inability to hear my pain and apologize to me for what pieces of it she has caused. I feel very proud of myself for pursuing my interest in sexuality work, especially working as a professional domme. I am excited to continue exploring my sex positive self in the next year and hopefully I will find financial stability through my work to help keep me afloat at more difficult times. I am also deeply grateful for the level of sexual connection I've had in the last year. I have manifested some of my deepest and most powerful fantasies through amazing connections with wonderful people that I care deeply about and I can't wait to continue doing that work in the next year as well. Queen of Wands: "An emotional and powerful dominatrix...You might need to adopt this kind of attitude..." #girlslikeus #happybirthdaytome #femme
OUTFIT OF THE DAY 👠👠👠👗👗👗💄💄💄👒👒👒 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #ootd #ootn #outfitoftheday #outfitofthedays #outfit #outfits #outfitpost #outfitideas #ootdph #outfitinspo #outfitshot #fashion #fashionista #fashionistas #styles #styleblogger #fashionblogger #fashionlovers #fashiondiaries #fashionstyle #models #vogue #mtf #tg #ts #tgirl #tgirls #tgirlsdoitbetter #girlslikeus
December has been crazy busy at the salon. I’ve been waking up with swollen hands and sore knees but it’s so worth it when I get to hear from happy clients about how much they love their hair. Thanks for all the early Christmas cards so far! I’m going to keep slapping on the tiger bomb and keep you all looking perfect throughout your holidays, I PROMISEEE. xo 🎅🏻🎀💁🏼‍♀️ • • • • • • #behindthechair #hairstylist #zennkaisalon #zennkai #barber #hairdresser #hairbrained #yyj #yyjhair #mua #selfie #girlslikeus #love #gor
Amanda3/11 Prelude - Amanda began her career as a showgirl, more explicitly as a transvestite performer [that is how it was called at that time] in the most notorious cabarets in Europe, such as the 'Carrousel' and 'Crazy Horse' (1959, 1963 Paris), 'Caprice' (1961, Milan) and 'Chez Nous' (1962, Berlin). In all their respective autobiographies, the "cabaret-famous" from that period, namely [Transwomen] British April Ashley, Dutch Romy Haag and French Coccinelle, as well as [Women] German Singer Evelyn Künneke and French Cabaret and Night Clubs owner Régine, reckon the talented drawer Alain Tapp performing as Peki d'Oslo. In 1963, she was presented to Salvador Dali at the Carrousel, who fell deeply in love with her and paid her Sex Reassignment Surgery performed in Casablanca by Dr Georges Burou, who previously operated Coccinelle and April Ashley. In the early 60's, the Cabaret life was just a mean of earning money for Amanda who was studying art the prestigious Academie des Beaux-Arts in Paris and later relocated to London in 1964, to study at Saint Martin's School of Art. Amanda is a talented painter who all life long, never ceased to have exhibitions of her Art work, but it is after her SRS (1963) and marriage [of convenience] to Scottish Paul Morgan Lear (1965) that her life took an unexpected new direction. #AmandaLear #tgirlspower #TransArtForAll #transwoman #transsexual #ts #girlslikeus #transgirl #tgirl #mtf #justbeyourself
Achievement unlocked: perfect equilibrium of boob/face light achieved. #girlslikeus #transisbeautiful
Amanda2/11 Mystery - Everything about Amanda's origins is still to date - officially - a mystery. In the numerous interviews she gave, she spent her whole life telling different things about her parents, about where she was born, about when she was born, and of course about her gender. She spiced up rumors by doing so: some claiming she was an intersex, other whispering she was born as a boy, some, including her, affirming she always has been a woman. Even to the men she married, she told different versions of her. In a 1976 interview, when asked if it was true that she was assigned male at birth, Amanda replied that it was "a crazy idea from some journalists" and to kill all rumors about her not being a woman, she posed in Playboy in the late 70's, being just 40, showing the entire world that she indeed had the body part that many people, in western society, believe to be what defines a woman. In the real world, Amanda was born as a baby boy named Alain 'Maurice Louis René' TAPP on June, 18th 1939, in Saigon [now Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam], from a Russian/Asian mother and a British "Captain of the French army" father. She was born as 'French' [Saigon being at that time, the capital of the French colony of Cochinchina], and spent her childhood sharing time in South of France and Switzerland, being raised using both the French and English languages. She gained her family name LEAR by marrying a Scottish architecture student, Paul Morgan Lear, in December 1965. Her Birth family name has been proven correct in 2006 when she received the highest French distinction as "chevalier de l'ordre des Arts et des Lettres" [Knight at the Order of Arts and Letters] which mentions her civil name as: Amanda Tapp #AmandaLear #tgirlspower #TransArtForAll #transwoman #transsexual #ts #girlslikeus #transgirl #tgirl #mtf #justbeyourself
OUTFIT OF THE DAY 👠👠👠👗👗👗💄💄💄👒👒👒 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #ootd #ootn #outfitoftheday #outfitofthedays #outfit #outfits #outfitpost #outfitideas #ootdph #outfitinspo #outfitshot #fashion #fashionista #fashionistas #styles #styleblogger #fashionblogger #fashionlovers #fashiondiaries #fashionstyle #models #vogue #mtf #tg #ts #tgirl #tgirls #tgirlsdoitbetter #girlslikeus
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