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can’t wait to spoil my man like this😩😤
If we all grind we all shine #freemeekmill we dream chasers
This little girl. This child with pigtails who could be any of the young people in our lives right now. Your mates daughter, your niece, your sister, cousin, daughter.. America has done a lot of horrible and horrendous crimes against humanity and it’s people but THIS one we can not let happen. If we can shout a #Free meek mill and all celebrities like @champagnepapi can demand his release then WE MUST as a people fight for this child! This is not going to happen. She will not be in prison for trying to save her own life! What sick twisted and corrupt country do you people support and live in? It’s time we said NO AMERICA! NO! Enough! #freecyntoiabrown #freemeekmill #mychild
education? fuCK THAT
This Is So Me 😂 Whenever I See Ma Ex Bragging About Her New Man 🙆‍♂️. Sometimes You Got To Check Maybe She Got A Brain Tumor 🤷‍♂️ #FreeMeekMill #DiaryOfABrokeChaser #DreamChasersGang
its because the mitochondria inside the ice causes the phosphate to expand which leads to the conclusion of h2o
“Supporters of the jailed rapper Meek Mill held a rally Monday night outside a Philadelphia courthouse - as his lawyers prepared to ask the sentencing judge to quit the case. - The performer, born Robert (Rihmeek) Williams, was sentenced to up to four years in state prison on Nov. 6 by Judge Genece Brinkley for violating his probation from a 2008 gun and drug case after two minor arrests in New York and St. Louis. Protesters chanted ‘F—- the judge’ and sang (rapped) Mill’s ‘Dreams and Nightmares.’ Mill’s lawyer Joe Tacopina said he will file motions to ask Brinkley to recuse (challenge) herself and reconsider what he says is a harsh sentence. Mill is confined to his cell 23 hours a day in state prison in Camp Hill, Pa. ‘If recent history and (Brinkley’s) pattern are consistent, both motions are probably a waste of the paper they are printed on,’ Tacopina said. ‘After that, we will go to higher courts.’ “ ... ‘I’ve been trying to help you since 2009,’ Brinkley told Mill in court recently. ‘You basically thumbed your nose at me.’ ..., ” Graham Rayman with Leonard Greene reports. - Hopefully, Judge Brinkley will change her mind, release Mill, and give the embattled emcee one more chance to redeem himself. Throughout history, the law tends to have no mercy for black and brown men, while giving favor to white and white-skinned Latino men. One more thing, Mill being kept in his cell for 23 hours daily is RIDICULOUS and inhuman. Shame on Judge Brinkley for getting in her feelings. #freemeekmill #meekmill
I don't focus on what I'm up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore .. when you have a very big God you must shine .. #beylikduzu #marmarapark #freemeek #freemeekmill #b4lmovement #cevahir #zorlucenter #istinyepark #istinye #lagos #abuja #lekki #dmw #starboy #worldwarz #kendrick #atlantadome #blast
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