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Day Solution Timewise yang sangat lightweight, thin dan tidak sticky & thick. Memang selesa bila dipakai, tidak ada bau yang terlalu kuat dan pelik2 & lastly ada SPF35. Β Azza syorkan untuk yang MALAS pakai sunscreen tu, boleh la ambik yang ni since its really good to your skin disamping menghalang daripada kulit terus terkena sinaran cahaya matahari yang boleh merosakkan dan mempercepatkan proses kedutan kulit muka kita. p/s : kebanyakan sunscreen yang ada di luar sana membuatkan kita tidak selesa kerana terlalu tebal dan rasa melekit2. So pilihla yang sesuai buat anda untuk dipakai di siang hari since kita perlukan keselesaan untuk stay happy. kan? πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ #iamBeautyConsultant #freeConsultation #top5GlobalSkincare
Customization, modular privacy partitions. Perfect for meetings and organized work spaces. Probelle can work with any budget!
Are you troubled by your past, concerned about your present, or worried about your future? All your questions can be answered by Psychic Theresa I have been in business for over 15 years and with my experience and God-gifted talent, I am able to bring my clients clear understandings of their lives and purposes. People tend to worry about things that are beyond their control. Many times, they stress over issues that cannot be resolved when they must learn to just accept them, learn from them, and then release them. At Psychic Theresa I can bring a level of peace to those who have no way to change the past or present as well as those who do not know what to do about their future. My experience has brought me a level of understanding for and a connection to my clients that is obvious in every reading, and I always strive to make sure that I am a positive medium for them. Whether you need to understand why things happened the way they did in your past, you want to know how things will play out in your future, or you need to discern the reasons behind your current circumstances, I will help youβ€”no matter who you are. I do not judge anyone’s background or situation. I believe anyone can receive the spiritual psychic help they need, and I am willing to lend my services to anyone who asks. I am committed to helping my clients in Plainfield New Jersey receive the help and advice they seek. With very affordable prices and extensive experience, I hope to help you on your path to a more peaceful, happier life. Call today to set an appointment with me. #psychicreading #psychic #unhappiness #depression #sad #love #soulmate #chakras #foreveralone #foreverlove❀ #astrology #tarotreader #followme #tarotcards #psychicmedium #tarotdaily #psychicadvisor #tarotnerd #psychichelp #psychicpowers #tarotcardoftheday #tarotaddict #tarotcardreaders #loveadvice #tarottribe #psychichealing #tarotgram #psychichealer #freeconsultation #tarotonline
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Processing orders while masking! It's such a pleasure to work my business from home. I'm relaxing while working which makes work not feel like work at all. Processing Pink Friday deals until midnight. Get BIG savings now. πŸ’„πŸ›πŸ’•
Globalizing Beyond Korea, Beauty Korea! Brighter Future with Better Look by BK πŸŒΈπŸ’• . . Not getting the expected result from exercise and limited dietary plan? Get healthy, slim and ideal physique with BK! γ…€ #BKPlasticSurgery #BKhospital #Korea. #freeconsultation via email, phone and skype! γ…€ πŸ’» πŸ“ž +82-2-544-0404 πŸ“± +82-10-8626-8896 πŸ–₯ english πŸ’‘ IG: english_bkhospital πŸ’Ž SKYPE: bkhospitalenglish 🎾 Whatsapp: +82-10-8626-8896 🍦 Kakao: bkhospitalenglish #BK #PlasticSurgery #Diet #Slim #BodyContouring #Lipo #PlasticSurgeryInKorea #Pretty #Beautiful #NewLook #Confidence #GoodLooking #Appearance #BetterLooks #BeautifyYourself #CosmeticSurgery #Cosmetic #Beauty #Daily #Selfie #KoreaCosmetics #VisitUsAndBecomeBeautiful
CUSTOMER ORDER AND STOCK ! . Sis suka jadi consultant Mary Kay, order stock dari HQ pun 2 3 hari je sampai. The best services ever. So customer tak kena tunggu lama! . Tadi citylink datang hantar stock, iuols excited macam biasa laaa. oh ya ini customer order dan sis restock untuk item yang dah habis. . So sape belum ada beauty consultant dan rasa nak ubah angin pakai produk MINERAL dan berkualiti dari Mary Kay ni? Meh whatsapp cepat😍 #DILARANGCURICAPTION . Siti Faridah, 018 761-5465 IndependentBeautyConsultant #ConsultantMaryKay #PencuciMukaMaryKay #MaryKayNatural #FreeConsultation #BotanicalEffectsSkincare
SET COMBO YANG PALING HOT πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Sebab apa ni set paling meletop-letop sekali? Sbb dgn gabungan 2 produk ni je insyaAllah mslh kulit korang boleh selesai dgn cara yg selamat ❀ Kulit korang jugak akan bertambah sihat dan tk akan terdedah pada produk2 yg ada bhn2 kimia tu semua tau 😍 Kenapa combo ni hebat? Sebab dlm combo ni korang akan dpt detox mask dan coffee scrub temyracle yg paling hotselling dan paling terbukti keberkesanannya ❀😍 . πŸ’– Detox mask -Kecutkan jerawat -Hilangkan parut -Hilangkan sunburn -Hilangkan blackhead -Membersihkan pori -Merawat kulit yg rosak akibat tersalah pakai skincare . Dan mcm2 lagilah kebaikan detox mask ni! Patutlah jadi best seller..Dia akan detoxkan segala kekotoran dkt muka korang tu utk keluarkan dr dlm kulit tu..Sebab tu lepas pakai detox mask ni kena scrub muka dgn coffee scrub sebaiknya so kotoran2 tadi dpt dibersihkan 😍 . πŸ’–Coffee scrub -Mencerahkan kulit -Menghilangkan parut -Melembapkan kulit -Menjadikan kulit glowing -Mengecutkan jerawat Lepas dh siap scrub apa semua korang boleh guna cleanser utk bersihkan korang secara menyeluruh πŸ˜€ Lepastu boleh lah teruskan dgn step2 skincare yg biasa such as pakai toner, moisturizer dan sebagainya πŸ˜„ Lepastu nikmatilah kulit yg cantik, sihat dan bersih πŸ˜‰ Belum cuba belum tahu 😊 Dah cuba mmg tk boleh nak berhenti dah..Fall in love sgt! Whatsapp πŸ“² 011211444044 for free consultation from me utk gunakan produk2 yg sya jual πŸ˜™ #sayajualskincare #freeconsultation #temyracle #mylaraskincare #temyraclesayamesticari #sayajualmylaraskincare #mylaraskincarekedah #skincareterbaik #temyraclefreshlymadeforyou #detoxmask #coffeescrub #collagencleanser #facialtoner
Why do we need Anti-oxidants? β€’ Free radicals is produced when our cells uses oxygen. Free radicals ultimately harm and age the body, and over time, damaging our cells within. β€’ Anti-oxidants counteract free radicals thus lessen the impact to our body. β€’ Some of the important antioxidants that our body need – Vitamin A,C, E, Glutathione, and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Call us or whatsapp to book your appointment now! Puchong Branch Location: No. 62-2, Pusat Perdagangan One Puchong,Jalan OP 1/5, OFF Jalan Puchong, 47160 Puchong, Selangor Tel: 03-8082 4228 Old Klang Road Branch Location: G-3A Avantas Residences, Old Klang Road, Taman Shanghai Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tel: 03-7972 1353 / 012-642 4228 Weekday 10.30 am – 7 pm Weekend 10.30 am – 6 pm Old Klang Road - Closed on Tuesday Puchong - Closed on Sunday #antioxidant #beautytips #edgeclinic #edgeclinicoldklangroad #edgeclinicpuchong #avantasresidence #aesthetic #freeconsultation
TESTIMONI SENDIRI DENGAN MELACEP WHITENING SKINCARE. . Gambar belah kiri tu kulit asal saya, tona tak sekata, banyak parut jerawat dan bintik hitam, kulit pun nampak agak kusam. Then lepas guna botanical skincare, saya upgrade ke Melacep skincare. . Dan tengoklah hasilnya, saya guna Melacep skincare sebab saya fokus nak kurangkan parut jerawat dan bintik hitam, dan nak sekatakan kulit yang sunburn tu. Yeayyyy happy dengan kulit sekarang. Yang pasti kulit cerah dengan cara yg selamat dan healthy. Takdelah peeling / pedih. So takdelah "BEAUTYISPAIN"πŸ˜‚ . Ida(faridah) 018.761.5465 Independent Beauty Consultant #PencuciMukaMaryKay #MaryKayNatural #FreeConsultation #BotanicalEffectsSkincare
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