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#Repost ( @get_repost) ・・・ So so excited for this one! We are pleased to welcome the gorgeous @georginaalexandra_ into our space for two sessions of her incredible NATURAL ORGANIC BEUATY WORKSHOP on the 19th of November 💛 🌿 Perfect your anyone who wants to learn more about transitioning into a healthier beauty routine. Plus you can try and buy some #BeautyByMZS while you're there 👌 The countdown is on - LINK TO PURCHASE TICKETS IN OUR BIO!
Whether you're disco-ing this fine Friday evening or preparing a chia pudding for the morning, remember you gotta shake it! #shakeshakeshake #shakeyourkefir #shakeyourkefir
Not #manvsmachine rather #manandmachine. Inspiring work by @sougwen, an interdisciplinary media artist whose work explores human / robot collaborations, virtual reality and the transitional edge where the mark-made-by-hand meets the mark-made-by-machine. #fab9favs . . . . . . . . . . #repost @mashable #makerspace #makersmovement #makersgonnamake #melbournemakers #robotics #robotic #drawingwithdoug #drawings #drawing #sougwenchung #fabiscoming #mitmedialab #newinc #pier9 #belllabs #google #tiltbrush #multimediaartist #multimedia #footscray #melbournestartup
T'is the season to ... book in your 1:1 custom session with our nerd-burger social media strategist, because the kid? Has been S.LAMMED. Back-to-back sessions, and she still walks out with her perfectly blow-waved hair, gives it a little flick, and says, "that was one of the best custom sessions I've ever had!", ... and then goes on to say that about the next session, and the next - you get the jist. We love our Mel.  We love how much she loves social media.  We love how much she loves our custom session crew.  And we most of all love how much you guys love her too. Spots are filling up in her calendar, so #rundontwalk to book your session in now. x
Busy and successful week @baldassocortese means Friday night is time to enjoy a glass (or two) at the best steakhouse in the west (or possibly even Melbourne) @thestationhotelfootscray #australia #architects #architecture #baldassocortese #footscray #melbourne #stationhotel #thestationhotelfootscray #wine #tempranillo #steak
Living that life out west, #footscray #mrwest @samjohnson_nz
I asked for a wine glass 😂😂eating Footscray....I know the food will be good though #wine #wino #footscray #predrinks
Catholic Guilt Joe Guiton Sean Marsh Four dudes with three beards and all manner of unresolved issues play songs of love, loss, desperation, anger, hope, jubilation, politics and everything in-between, Sunday 22 October in the front bar from 3pm. Come down for a FREE triple fix of honest music, accompanied by some of the best (and best value) Mexican food and assorted brews in the comforts of the greatest pub in Melbourne, the mighty Reverence Hotel.
Just another Friday night. Fucking enjoy it, nerds. Love youuuuuuuu #fridaynight #melbourne #footscray #josephines #barjosephine #josie #booze #beers #vomit #spew #fuckingloveyou #drunk #drinking #beers
Ummm, just wondering if you've had time to take a peek at our One Cake I Two Ways Range.  It's available to order online.  Maybe grab a cuppa first - there's so many designs and flavour options available that you could be there awhile.
Care to meet our current colour crush? Yves Klein blue with a zing of green and just a splash of orange to round things out. Subtle, understated- no way! 📸 and clever colour play by @evi_o. #friyayfinds #colourcrush #blueandgreenshouldalwaysbeseen
So we spoke at our 3rd birthday party this week about what the first, second and third year looked like in business, and we spoke *really* candidly about that. From first year adrenalin, where 4am finishes are A-OK, and you think to yourself, "I'm so high right now, I could pull these finishes forever!", to second year burn-out, where you're not paying yourself *at all*, and all of the first year late nights / early starts have completely caught up with you. We spoke about highlights and lowlights, and everything in between, but what we didn't mention about our third year in business, and probably the very best thing? Well, it's been reaching this *really* beautiful [and peaceful] place as business partners, where we've managed to go from being complete strangers, to really understanding each other. It's been the very best third year outcome. x
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