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FFLC Physique Coaching will not be held responsible for any cases of stalking that may arise through significant changes to the figures of any clients. . . Soz. . . We do however, promise to work hard on planning your training, diet and lifestyle in a way that sees those changes whilst building self confidence and the ability to face challenges head on. (But we’re well aware that for some this takes longer than others and might require more thought and patience!) . . 1-1 / Buddy / Online personal training slots available - DM for more info. . . fat loss / muscle gain / strength training / dealing-with-life-like-a-boss coaching
Pain ,gain and regain!!! Never let your energy level go down!! #sattitude #highenergy #allnattybro #keepgoing #fitmode #workandmotivate #focus #gymfashion
Wednesday’s usually a big activity day. . It’s the one full day off with Max i have each week. . So we get out of the house and do stuff! . This week was Gruffalo Messy Play with Nana and Dougie (Max’s little cousin). . There was painting with brushes, hands and feet, ice cream and cones, spaghetti (and popcorn) in a box, play doh and feathers and singing, dancing and bubbles. . Why are these not a thing for adults too??
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