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It's not what you look at that matters. It's what you see. -H.D.Thoreau #visionary #mustsee #perception #thinkbig
// The best reason to be on a university campus is not to study but to admire old buildings with climbing vines and plants problems. 🌿🍂🍁 Right?!
Breaking the barrier's 😤💪💪 I don't know my future but definitely patience with hardwork is enough right now 🔝 . #gymlife💪 #healthylife #focus #bodybuilding #finditliveit 😉
What used to be water under the bridge is now dry earth and weeds. #iran #isfahan #travel #adventure #explore #architecture #bridge #siosepol #design #sunset #sky #vscocam
You're going to see me posting about this more and more! If you don't know about Ghost Fest. it is a day celebrating local music, artists and other creatives. GF is hosted in my home town (Fort Payne, AL) at the historic Dekalb Theatre. We don't just have bands from FP we have bands from all over Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Virginia. It is all about this community of people that come together and love/support each other. For a lot of us, me included, the music scene saved us, raised us, helped us grow, helped us have better taste in music (lol), form us and so many other amazingly positive things. We don't just find friends there we find ourselves. I understand how this may sound over the top if you haven't experienced this before, but trust me when I say that no matter what phase of life I am in I always feel most my myself, loved and just completely okay at shows. So I created Ghost Fest. to celebrate that. I invite you all to come experience a really good day. Maybe you'll find a new favorite band, a new friend, a new favorite piece of art or some delicious food. Or maybe you'll hate it and just leave and go get Taco Bell. It's a gamble but you won't know unless you give it a shot. This is my second year throwing GF and I hope that this year is just as amazing, full of joy and heavy music as the last. For more info you can click the link in my bio and/or follow me at @annasghostblog for updates! #ghostfest2017
drove to boston this morning to see @stevenfingar and spend the day exploring and finally got to meet @brayanmess, who took this photo! also, how cute is this house?🏡| #boston #theprettycities
*thinking about my next meal* #taiwan
What did my grandpa say? 1. Please take off your glasses 2. I want to look into your eyes 3. What do you want to order? 4. (something funny) 5. Look at the camera
-mütevazı çalışma köşem 🗃
All black baby🖤⚡️ #shopmaple #mapleboutique
Finally finished editing my Chicago vlog! Check out the link in my bio 😛🍦Also if you're in the Chicago area, go to Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams and try their Lavender ice cream. SO GOOD!
A fun throwback @thebigfakewedding perfectly captured by
As pure as it gets right there.That's what it is all about man // During our trip through CALI we scored a clean session day in SANO along with Mr. @devon_howard 🙌 heres a little preview of what's going to happen ⚡️🍷🙌 Follow #ZIODOESCALI journey at 🔥🔥🔥 #stayzio & #liveauthentic
Coffee time at @titikkomacoffee
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