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And here I was thinking my efforts weren't good enough because I didn't place like my first show but then I see I tore my old self to shreds and beat the guy that matters most so I'll take it all in and enjoy the moments to do it all by myself once again without a coach a team I stood on that stage knowing I pretty much relied on no one but me and yep I'll pay myself on the back to. But still the support of my family and friends was overwhelming thankyou all❤️ #selfbelief #bebetterthenyesterday #naturalbodybuilding #naturalbody #proud #familysupport 👌 #familyfriends
Sharing with my family... people who I just don’t go to church with but do life with —Connections! Thank you so much for your support Of Dave, his sister Lynn..mother of Jacob. Thank you for your prayers! #familyfriends
The bestie ❤️ ------------------------------------------------------ #bestfriends #friends #familyfriends #together #reunited #sister #brother #murfreesboro #tennessee #nightlife #downtown
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