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Per ogni periodo dell'anno ho ricordi di almeno un luogo (in realtà sono molti di più 😂) nel quale vorrei tornare... oggi, per esempio, mi teletrasporto con la mente nella bella Verona natalizia.. è passato ormai già un anno da quel giorno, ma in tutte quelle stradine e in quelle meravigliose piazze ho lasciato occhi e cuore... Impossibile non innamorarsene, eh? 😍 e voi, avete un luogo nel quale vorreste tanto tornare in questo periodo? 🌈
Walking on the beach is so relaxing ❤
I dedicate these photos to the guy that ratted me out and called me a terrorist because I took pics of a train and also to the MTA conductor that doesn't know taking pics on MTA property is 100% legal... enjoy 😎
“Harlem Shake? Nah, I’m in Harlem shaking awake, shaking to bake, shaking the jakes. Kill you, Shoot the funeral up and Harlem Shake at ya wake” x @mr_camron
'97 huh? Drugs, I moved a big amount. Chick in my crib, them ribs I’m about to dig it out. Then Ma$e called, said "Yo, I'm stuck inside some bitches house" Her boyfriend at the door, could I hurry up and get him out! @mr_camron #TheProgramTour
Let's make today an adventure kind of day 👭🚐🗻
The Program Tour... #UWasntThere // @mr_camron
Hand in Hand ein Leben lang. ♥️ Hier über den Dächern Sevillas am Metropol Parasol 🇪🇸 • • • #tbt #metropolparasol #lassetas #sevilla #visitseville #españa 🇪🇸
Tb to summer since it's s brick out #nycprimeshot #justgoshoot #houseoftones
no complaints...
🌬🌬🌬 Winter is fun 🙋🏻 🛒
it’s the most wonderful time of the year
Quando si da importanza allo spazio relax dei servizi, qualcuno sceglie anche la soluzione di inserire la vasca come parte dell'arredamento della camera da letto, magari creando con il bagno padronale un unico ambiente. A voi piace questa soluzione? #vascadabagno #cromie #crome
Construction has started, not long now!
The snow bought back some motivation 😅 #nycprimeshot #justgoshoot #houseoftones #theprecinct
Esperando el último concierto del año🎼🎻
Caminhar sobre um rio de Outono
Good morning everyone! For the first few days, Nala was really nervous outside the house and would be a little afraid to go and explore on her own. But this anxiety did wear off after a few days and now exploring the outside is one of her favourite things to do 😂🐶 and all the things she finds outside! Sheways comes back into the house carrying her newest treasure and shows it to everyone 😀 sometimes it's a stick, sometimes a stone and sometimes even some old toys that we forgot about years ago 😂🐶🐾 #dogsofinstagram #doglife #ridgeback #ridgebackrottweiler #ridgeweiler #hundeliebe #puppy #myloves #sunnydays #exploringeverything #throwback #nalatheridgeweiler
Paris visions 🇫🇷
I'ma warn ya! Just cause they in your circle, don't mean that they in your corner! #RIPRichPorter #Summer17
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