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This was my BIGGEST inspiration growing up in this tattoo industry. Back before the internet and all of the amazing content we see now, all i had was magazines. When i came across @joselopez_lowridertattoo @lowrider_arte magazine spread back in 1996 i was immediately attracted and forever inspired. His art is as inspiring now as it was back then. i saved this along with a stack of other tattoo magazines from the 90's. The desire to learn and be inspired isnt something that's taught, you either want it or you dont! #tattooingsincethirteen not 2013, rather since i was 13... over 20 years ago. Did my first tattoo in '94, got my first (not hand made) tattoo machine in '01. Been grinding ever since! #onlypartofmystory #selftaught #thestory #history #angelstat2 #angelstat2studio #angelstat2dotcom #bng #bngartist #blackandgray #blackandgrey #blackandgraytattoo #blackandgreytattoo #tatsoul #envyneedles #revelpowersupply #rinsecup #inkeez #purpleglide #greenglide #dynamicblack #cheyennehawkpen
Nothing stressful about this lil freehand no stencil long stem rose in the ear on @faerieland a pleasure as always!
Had a blast making this big monster for my friend yesterday. Thanks Dom! @sticksandstonesberlin @tatsoul #envyneedles
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