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Sleeve progress, king and nails fresh, rest healed.
Welt city πŸ€™πŸ½
Finished @meowrachelx knee spider the other day. She is super happy now it's done. But I don't know if we'll ever do that other knee haha
Gracias Sara.classic done @cloakanddaggerlondon Ahora en Madriz.
Quick lil drawn on c-lo tattoo for the fucking homie @headabovewater120 visiting from Cali.
Creepy crawler done @neversaydietattoos earlier this week. Cheers @liam_saltlake for letting me do my thang 🀟🏻 I’ll be back in London 12th-13th of January.
Done on @cap2383 while @allied_tattoo Thanks for trusting me with these important tattoos. Tattoo para Eric hecho en Allied Tattoo, Brooklyn. Gracias por confiarme con estos tatuajes importantes.
Thank you Zhanna. Done st #envyneedles @tatsoul
Little clip of the card filler I did for Sandra πŸ‰ Love making these little fillers, can't wait to do some more of these in the new year! I am now booking for January, February & March (Rotterdam & Amsterdam). For appointments please contact me through DM or info ✌ #dragontattoo #dragon #hanafuda #japanesedragon #japanese_dragons #tattoo #irezumi #japanesetattoo #janwillemtattoo #rotterdamtattoo #amsterdamtattoo #bontenblauw #wrathtubes #envyneedles #tttism #tattoosnob #tattoodo
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