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Why do people procrastinate? Sometimes it’s simply because they’re lazy. A lot of times, though, it’s because they’re afraid -- that is, afraid of change, failure or maybe even success. Confident people don’t put things off. Because they believe in themselves and expect that their actions will lead them closer to their goals, they don’t sit around waiting for the right time or the perfect circumstances. They know that today is the only time that matters. If they think it’s not the right time, they make it the right time.
#Repost @motivationmafia ・・・ The 10 Decisions That Will Change Your Life: - 1️⃣ Deciding that you have the power to change. 2️⃣ When you choose to make your work what you're passionate about. 3️⃣ When you make your own family. 4️⃣ When you start living within your means. 5️⃣ When you discover the simple things that make you happy, and make it a point to do them everyday. 6️⃣ When you choose to give your time and energy to others, not just yourself. 7️⃣ When you work toward embracing what you can't change. 8️⃣ When you take the time to just stop and enjoy the moment you are in. 9️⃣ When you love who you actually love. 🔟 When you know you want a change, because it's the first step in changing.
✖️How’s that cash flow looking like ladies?
Live at The Ace International Training Center, Portharcourt. Success is Getting Paid for doing what you LOVE 😍 #success #entrepreneur #business #businesscommunity #BusinessTrip #businessintelligence #BusinessStrategy #entrepreneurship #e #fun
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It's all temporary, keep on your journey and soon enough everything will be ok 📈
Reposting @inverskmag: Great one one branding from Jeff Bezos. Like if you agree
Don't stop learning.
Working from bed on a weekend morning is my new favorite ritual. #sidehustle #entrepreneurship #bosslady #BusinessMascot #InstaDrama #catsofinstagram
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