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Posting speed of hashtag entrepreneurship shows you how many media is posted with tag per hour. If this value more than 500 hashtag is very popular, but your post will go down in the list soon.

If you looking for hashtags that will give you likes, comments and followers you should use hashtags with higher engagement rate and posting speed between 5 and 10.

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The amount you receive is a result of your own expectation. If you want more in your life, you need to expect more in your life 👌🏻
Facebook is a relationship driven social network, where people come to keep up to date on what’s happening in their network. They don’t come to Facebook to buy products and services. If you want to successfully sell products and services with Facebook ads, you have to build a relationship first.
Shhh. The secret is between me and you. And your mentor. Let's get it. #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #marketing #inspiration
Good morning! Are you ready for our new #, #nutuesdaytip every week we will be sharing with you our favourite tips and tricks to make your business grow using social media! Today's tip is all about the # It's just about giving you a super easy way to re-use your fave #hashtags without having to wear those little fingers out every time. If like us, you are always looking for efficiency, you are going to love this one. . All iPhone users can easily set up a 'shortcut' so that you can save your favourite phrases (or in this case #hashtags) that you re-use & repeat. . Step 1: Open your Settings & click on General. . Step 2: Scroll down and hit Keyboards. . Step 3: Click on 'Text Replacement'. . Step 4: Click on the + sign at the top right hand corner. . Step 5: Enter all the hashtags you want for your shortcut in 'Phrase' and enter the word or letters you want to use as your shortcut. . Done! #bossman #marketing #tip #marketingtips #digitalplanning #digitalplanning #business #smallbusinessuk #digital #entrepreneurship
Do you feel like you’re swimming and swimming and not getting anywhere? 😁 We can help your business get where it needs to go. . Ask us how 👍
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