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Zooni é uma rapariga cega da Caxemira que viaja sem os pais pela primeira vez com um grupo de dança de Nova Deli. Em sua viagem, ela conhece Rehan , um guia turístico , que flerta com ela. Apesar da repreensão das suas amigas, Zooni não pode resistir e apaixona-se por ele e ele a leva para uma visita privada de Nova Deli. No dia de Zooni partir, Rehan corre até o comboio e, com a bênção das suas amigas, leva Zooni consigo e, aparentemente parece ser o início da sua vida juntos. Com o incentivo de Rehan, Zooni passa por uma cirurgia para deixar de ser cega. Rehan parte para pegar os pais Zooni na estação ferroviária, prometendo estar lá quando ela abrir os olhos. Quando Zooni sai da cirurgia, os pais estão lá, mas Rehan não. Um terrível acidente ocorreu aparentemente provocado por terroristas. Eles trazem-lhe um pedaço de pano, que ela reconhece como uma camisa que tinha feito para Rehan, e então Rehan é dado como morto, e de luto, Zooni retorna para a Caxemira. Sete anos se passam e Zooni têm uma surpresa..... #português ❤️ ______________________________________ Zooni is a blind girl from Kashmir who travels without her parents for the first time with a dance group from New Delhi. On her journey, she meets Rehan, a tour guide, who flirts with her. Despite the reprimand of her friends, Zooni can not resist and falls in love with him and he takes her on a private visit to New Delhi. On the day of Zooni's departure, Rehan runs to the train and, with the blessing of his friends, takes Zooni with him and apparently seems to be the beginning of their life together. With Rehan's encouragement, Zooni undergoes surgery to stop being blind. Rehan leaves to pick up the parents Zooni at the train station, promising to be there when she opens her eyes. When Zooni leaves the surgery, the parents are there, but Rehan does not. A terrible accident occurred apparently caused by terrorists. They bring her a piece of cloth, which she recognizes as a shirt she had made for Rehan, and then Rehan is given as dead, and in mourning, Zooni returns to Kashmir. Seven years pass and Zooni have a surprise .... #english ❤️
It wasn’t a proper snow but in the final hours I did get to see some snow flakes fall ❄️
London police say no evidence of attack after terror alert Officials say incident at Oxford Circus station is over after officers found ‘no suspects, shots or casualties’; reports of gunfire had sparked panic in the British capital.Police rushed to London’s Oxford Circus on Friday, sparking fears of a terror attack, but stood down after finding no evidence to support reports of shots fired. Read More... #israel #israeli #israelis #jew #jews #news #israelnews #newsisrael #israelenglishnews #london #police #terror #attack #english #anglia
Você já sabe que amanhã tem quadra da Little Kickers!!! Não deixe os Kickers fora dessa. Quadras Abertas aos Sábados Quadra Zona Norte Das 9hrs as 12hrs (consultar horários das turmas) Garden Ball Av. Comandante Antônio Paiva Sampaio, 300 Parque Vitoria (800 metros do Metro Tucuruvi) Quadra Zona Oeste Das 9hrs as 12hrs (consultar horários das turmas) Colégio Aprendendo a Aprender Rua Deputado Lacerda Franco, 586 Vila Madalena, São Paulo Quer saber mais? 11 4172-8555 | WhatsApp 95829-8011 saopaulo   #aprenderbrincando #crianças #english #futebol #ingles #kids #Littlekickers #littlekickerssp #Lkfc #muitomaisquefuteboleingles #soccer
Word on the street is santa needs a new reindeer...still unsure if I can get my fat ass to fly but hey we can just wing it #bulldoglife #fatass #english #bully #follow #plussizemodel #curves
А мы на приёме у врача. At the Doctor's Office 😷 Какие английские слова на эту тему ты знаешь? Пиши в комментах) #английский #английскийдлямалышей #студияанглийского #englishforkids #englishstudio #english #тула #курсы
I'm loving this IG account and wanted to share it with you. It features great music and well written captions about the artist/song. #Repost @newmusicradio ( @get_repost) ・・・ One of my favorite and, in my opinion, one of the most promising young bands Aquilo @aquilo released yesterday mini-album ii (Side A). Individual songs from the album were previously released as singles. If you are not familiar with the work of the band, be sure to listen to their earlier work – they have a lot of really magical songs. Track in the video: Aquilo – Who Are You. #instamusic #newalbum #newsingle #musicvideo #musicband #single #musician #goodmusicradio #goodmusic #newmusic #music #musiclover #musicproduction #poprock #ambient #dreampop #aquilo #english #uk #ukmusic #england #lancashire #música #instamusic #discovermusic #musicdiscovery #aquilomusic #islandrecords #whoareyou #silhouette
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