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Here are some of my clients transformations (including mine). I'm sharing this coz I know how my clients lives have changed and these are a win-win situation. I have noticed and identified a substantial difference in their health lifestyle pre and post their transformations. My personal findings and observations are consistent with facts and empirical findings. According to research, people with normal or "ideal" weight spend less money on medical bills and expenses than their overweight peers. In line with a study published in 2009 in the journal Health Affairs, researchers specifically discovered that obese people spent $1,429 more—(that's 42% higher)—than their "normal-weight" peers, most of which went towards prescription medications, needed to manage chronic conditions. In addition to this, in 2014 a report on Michigan residents found that annual health care costs for people who were extremely obese were a whopping 90% higher than those of normal-weight individuals. Furthermore to this sad-but-true-news, you might notice something else when you lose weight: Doctors (whose bias against obese patients has been well documented) may surprisingly treat you better, too. In hindsight, being obese may not be as economical as being fit/healthy. Investing money on a healthy lifestyle will surely prevent you from spending excessively on medical & treatments later on in life. Put your thinking caps on and decide for yourself, which lifestyle is more reasonable & cost effective? Contact for training at: contact Web:
‏لكي تصل لمرادك، تحتاج أحياناً أن تفعل أشياء تتضايق منها، أو تواجه أمور كنت تتجنبها. تقبّل واقعية الحياة وأن الأمور لا تسير كما تريد دائماً. #abudhabi #dubai #ajman #sharjahuae #photoshoot #photooftheday #blogger #makeup #makeupartist #model #modeling #dubaimodel
It's all a blur... Going through content in my phone tonight... The past two years have been crazy... Living in different cities and countries, living out of a suitcase, living how I've wanted to live for a long time... This video was taken recently... driving into my beautiful adoptive city, #The6ix, listening to "Gyalchester," by the King of the 6 @champagnepapi and now... I'm gone... Life truly is what you make it. I'll forever love and respect you Toronto, for everything you taught me, but I'm happy to be home. Until we meet again 🙏🏻 #morelife
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