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***SHOW OPENS TONIGHT. FOLLOW LINK IN OUR PROFILE TO GET ON OUR GUEST LIST**** Dubai Drama Group presents nine performances of Educating Rita at The Courtyard Playhouse Al Quoz on the following dates: • Thursday 19th October at 8pm • Friday 20th September at 4pm and 8pm • Saturday 21st October at 8pm • Tuesday 24th October at 8pm • Thursday 26th October at 8pm • Friday 27th September at 4pm and 8pm • Saturday 28th October at 8pm Entrance is by guest list. Please register your attendance at
비오는 두바이💦☔️ 아침비행 딜레이 예상🎈 캬 창틀 먼지 실화냐? 오늘 청소해도 비행갔다오면 또 모래수두룩⚒ 이 집도 담주면 Good bye💕 . #두바이 #실화냐 #비오는날 #dubailifestyle
Always better together...
I saw the sign.  #AlserkalAvenue #Dubai #UAE
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