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Starting is scary right? It's always that first step that has you doubting, inhaling into a paper bag and trying to stay calm.. on the blog now is 3 steps to help you at the start and a little of what I have learnt along the way. If you could give someone advice and help them on there start what would it be?
Real talk bro go for it💯👌🏽 ••••••••••••••• Follow @Kaedro.1st For More❤️
Always!! 👊💥
💯👌🏽 ••••••••••••••• Follow @Kaedro.1st For More❤️
This season is nothing if not bittersweet. The strange thing about meeting + falling for a cute boy while your parents’ marriage is ending is that the anniversaries come up at the same time. One minute I’m replaying the story of how I met Caleb on Thanksgiving Day and his suggestion of adding another shot of espresso to my americano. The next, I’m remembering Black Friday last year when my heart was really dark - mediating my parents’ chasm alongside my older brother. • Grief is a funny thing. It hits you unpredictably. Just comes and goes as it pleases. Maybe you’re like me - the sweet memories of Christmas decor and cookies mixed with the bitter sting of loss. • This is our first holiday season as a broken family. My siblings are in Florida this week hanging out with my dad’s girlfriend. Christmas this year will not involve my father. None of my holidays will. And for that, I spend a lot of nights crying. • And yet, this is our first married Christmas - receiving a nativity scene and starting our own traditions. It’s also our one year anniversary of all our firsts. First meeting. First interaction outside of Starbucks. First Long conversation. First date. First phone call. First dance together. It’s a time of sweet memories. • How do you fall in love while grieving? Messily. I do not have any answers. Except maybe this: In my grief, I need Jesus. In my celebrations, I need Jesus. I need a God who is present - Emanuel - God with us - God with me. And in his presence, there is enough room for all my emotions. My laughter and my tears are welcome there. Yours are too.
G R O W T H The first 3 pictures are a whole year later from the last 2 pictures. So much has happened in the 2017 from highs to mids, cause you'll never see my lows (they were real). I thank GOD everyday for keeping me, not allowing me to give up on my journey 🙏🏽 thank you Jesus! He has strengthened me, and has been my comforter and I'm thankful as well grateful for all the blessings, and love! Waking up every morning with a second chance at life and chasing my dreams. Just seeing the transition with in myself spiritually knowing that it's only God who has brought me this far, seeing my physical transformation which I'm proud of...seeing this makes me want to go harder! Thank you family and friends I love you all! Thank you Atlanta! Let's turn up and break the knob! TYJ! S/O to my bro @rick_diezel can't wait until you get back to the A! It's time bro! A1 Day 1, love you bro! 💯
‘No ma’am, they’re dead’. The Christmas period is definitely a favourite of ours 😂
If you have a dream, then you protect your dream. Never let anyone tell you, you are not strong enough.
Good morning sunshine 👋🏻
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