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▾ 🇩🇴IG NATURE ✦ Sept. 23, 2017 ⌒ Autor: @thewalkinghat ⌒ Location/Lugar: Azua, Dominican Republic. ⌒ Comparte con nosotros tus fotos, utiliza #ig_dominicanrepublic
Few of the moments from our #dominicanrepublic vacation.
#ATGLIVE2017 repost via @instarepost20 from @djnorie @Kranium at @anythinggoeslive live #labordayweekend yup a lot more videos to come !!!! This is what we do do #Nyc  #instarepost20
Dominicano se burla de la situación de Puerto Rico y sus habitantes (QUE OPINAS TU) #noticias #dominicanrepublic #republicadominicana #puertorico #boricua #latinos #huracanmaria
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