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At the premiere of "The Stolen" a great independent Kiwi movie I'm proud to be a part of! #Sumner #Christchurch# #NZ #actorslife
Soooo excited to have the new and improved @prosupps range coming to NZ! ▪ Not that it wasn't amazing before, but our fam at PS headquarters have #upgraded the already awesome product profiles and made the effort to put the brand through the accredited @trustedbysport facility so you can rest assured 100% that there isn't anything in your supplements that shouldn't be! ▪ We have always stood by this fact for prosupps as one of our own, and our customers favourite brands, but now they have the official tick of approval so there's no question about it! ▪ So happy for our PS fam to have taken that step and for these upgraded products to roll out to us here in #Christchurch 👌 ▪ Keep posted by making sure you 'turn notifications on' for us so you don't miss out! ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ #isupps #isuppsviprewards #supplementyourself #expertise #health #fitness #wellness #sportsperformance #informedchoice #tested #safesupplements #newzealand #welivethis #protein #NZ #nzfitness #fitfamnz #resultsperiod #prosupps
Day 1: Fairly highway + Lake Tekapo + Lake Pukaki. Pukul 830pm langit still cerah & kepenatan drive caravan yg da mcm bawak bas sekolah #christchurch #newzealand #laketekapo
Christchurch. You have been knocking on our door for years now about a store. This summer we have decided to do as you have asked. We will be opening a 3 month pop up store, opening this Thursday the 23rd of November. Located at the Corner St Asaph St and Durham St, South Christchurch. The store will feature our brand new November collection titled: Westhaven, as well as all our core lines and other old favourites. Screenshot this post, show our staff and you will receive a $20 coupon on the opening day. We look forward to it. Spread the word team. #iloveugly #christchurch
Dear @duxdine I still think about this brownie, which I virtuously shared with my husband - #liferegrets - on Sunday I will be running the 10km @asbsummerstarter - my first event run ever - it would really help a girl out if she could visualise eating a WHOLE brownie of her own after finishing ... so if you could let me know if there will be a lovely big pile of them on the bar on Sunday, that would be grand 😍😘❤️
New Lyttelton records venue (cafe/bar/shop/live music). Very nice @lytteltonrecords ! Great space. #lytteltonrecords #coffee #music #nz #live #chch #lyttelton #christchurch
CHRISTMAS SALE Only $85 #captaingroom
You could say that's a kinda a signature photos of mine. Well, I just like my angels and a good coordination of colours. #sorrynotsorry #mysignature #Christchurch #newzealand #NZ #travel #travellerslife #honeymooning #howweseelife #mylifewithyou
And of course there was also a botanical garden. I said it before but it's so true: aw, the good life! #goodlife #botanicalgarden #Christchurch #newzealand #NZ #travel #travellerslife #honeymooning #howweseelife #mylifewithyou
✨GROW, BE FREE, THRIVE✨ Sharing a bit of a personal post tonight, about following your dreams. My wee heart is BURSTING with pride - my sweetheart got the final sign off today for his building apprenticeship. My husband Bevan started it at 36years old, after many years of office work and hospo jobs where frankly his talents were wasted. He was bored and uninspired. After a massive leap of faith, many (many!) sacrifices and hard work he is now qualified in an industry he is truly passionate about. Today I also saw a fellow therapist who had previously told me she was unsatisfied in her job. She told me today that after a recent conversation we'd had, that I had inspired her to go out on her own and create a business that would suit her and her families lifestyle. I teared up, remembering Lofts conception - the fear of the unknown, how scared I was of failing and of course the pressure I was putting on my household. I guess this big soppy post is really about following your dreams, what makes your heart sing, and creating a life for yourself that you can be proud of. Success is measured in so many different ways, I personally believe that living your passion, your calling and your truth is success in itself. Samira 💜
The Kiwi's sure have some beauty landscapes. #christchurch #lytteltonharbour #kiwivacation2017 #newzealand2017
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