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. — I chase salt and salt lakes around the world, but I seriously think I’ve never seen this clarity and depth in a lake I could actually swim in. Hence my broad smile. - Not only that, but we were completely alone, which is always such a blessing. We try really hard to avoid crowds and big tourist destinations, and finding places of this insane beauty that are so isolated is a very rare treat. - Granted, the reason why this place is so peaceful is because not a lot of people know of the incredible natural treasures Egypt hides, and because sadly the tourism situation in the country is not at its best right now. - I get so many questions and messages about the safety and comfort of travelling through Egypt. Obviously I am immensly privileged to be able to explore this country with the love of my life who so happens to be a local, but I honestly have never once felt any kind of hostility travelling or exploring new corners. On the contrary, people have always been welcoming and fun, our guides have always been exceptional at organizing all of our dream getaways, and seriously I don’t think there are many countries in this world where you have the best Red Sea diving, the best desert experiences, the most incredible oasis and one of the most mesmerizing Wonders of the World all within the same territory without crossing any borders. - 🇪🇬 —
Moses' Mountain..Egypt..March 2017 #Kutp_Timeline #canon
. — Friday Prayers - While we explored every corner of the Shali, climbing every tower and opening every door, trying to imagine what life could have been like inside the citadel, I started noticing people running past us. - Curious me followed them until I got a visual of what was going on. It was friday, and men were running to catch the prayers. - Zoom into this picture and find the six heads making their way to the highest point of the Shali, to the last functioning building in the citadel: the mosque. - 🇪🇬 —
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