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One fun part of selling everything you own and moving is that you get to completely start over! We've striving and maintaining the decluttered life. Here's to keeping it simple 🌿 . . My husband is just an amazing craftsman. This is his beautiful work with our headboard.
Take my breath away 🇮🇹 #travel #wanderlust #italy #naples #napoli #love
Stunning waterfall all to myself 🇮🇩 #Bali
❄️🤤 ☘️🌷What are your travel destinations to visit?🍦 💘Share with us in the comment box 👇
Throwback to a pretty sky ✨ . . . #whatawonderfulplace #becomingthelight #pnwestisbest
Just a humble warrior in a cave (+ also a derp 🤪).
Collega Laura ging ruim twee weken terug naar de Dominicaanse Republiek en kwam terecht in het paradijs dat Saona heet. Check snel de tropische foto's op onze blog! 🌴
In de omgeving van San Pedro de Atacama in Chili kun je veel leuke activiteiten ondernemen, zoals sandboarden in de woestijn. Een geweldige ervaring die ook onze Instagram vriendin @imkejeurissen wel beviel. Zie haar hier in actie. Met wie wil jij dit gaan doen als je gaat backpacken in Zuid-Amerika?
... and visions of new travel destinations dancing in my head! 🗺📍🌐🛫🌏 ... ✨Blessings of the season to all my newly-found adventurous friends, wherever you may be 💫💛
I’m out of drone shots for now, but this sunrise was captured at Freshwater with my Sony A5100. So although it messes with my instagram theme, I couldn’t not put it up. . I hadn’t been up in time to see a sunrise (on purpose!) in… honestly I don’t even know how long. There’s something to be said for sitting in silence and watching the sun come up 🙇🏻‍♀️ . It is easy to see the beginnings of things, and harder to see the ends. ― Joan Didion, Slouching Towards Bethlehem . . . . . . . . #summertime #seeaustralia #thegoodlife #mytinyatlas #worldcaptures #huffpostgram #livetravelchannel #travelstoke #awesomepix #guardiantravelsnaps #travelgram #chasingtheworld #master_shots #instaplaces #sydneylocal #cntraveler #beachlife #ilovesydney #seeaustralia #sydneybeaches #freshwater #manly #freshwaterbeach #northernbeaches #sonya5100 #sunrise
~ WELCOME IN PARADISE ~ Dit paradijs 😍 Het lijkt alweer een eeuwigheid geleden, maar het is toch echt pas 2,5 week geleden dat ik een dag op het paradijselijk eiland Saona verbleef. Check mijn Insta Stories, swipe, ga naar mijn blog & je weet er alles over. …………………… This Paradise 😍 Seems like it was ages ago, but it was only two weeks ago that I spend a day on this Tropical Island Saona.
Los increíbles azulejos árabes. Está pared estaba en mi hotel , es una belleza 😍 por su puesto me tomé muchas fotos 😂
“There's never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same.” — Cái thú vui nhất của những buổi chiều nghỉ ở nhà là chờ đợi xem hoàng hôn hôm nay sẽ thế nào. Có người từng bảo mình là giữa bình minh và hoàng hôn thì thích hoàng hôn hơn. Với mình, cả 2 đều không thể chọn một, đơn giản mỗi khoảnh khắc ấy sẽ có nét riêng và không bao giờ giống nhau. Nếu thời gian dài hơn nữa thì có thể gửi thêm nhiều hình nữa cho xem rồi. Chỉ tiếc là không thể. (Nay nói nhiều nhờ) — 📍 Hochiminh, Vietnam 📅 December 16th 2017 📷 Canon 700D - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #sunset #sun #sky #buildings #hochiminh #vietnam #qt21_thewordsIfailtosay #qt_countdays #day40 #vsco #vscovietnam #vscofilter #vscogram #canon #700d #canon700d #canonphotography #canonphoto #teamcanon #canon_photos #offical_photography_hub #people_and_world #chasingtheworld #yourtravellist #landscape_captures #ourplanetisbeautiful #ic_landscapes #bns_sky #travelphotooftheday
Taking a break from China pictures today and flashing back to Venice. 🇮🇹 . A city that had been one of my top priorities for YEARS. And it was absolutely amazing! 🚤 . I spent almost all my free time wandering around. I hit a lot of dead ends - I pretty much stopped for gelato every hour, and stopped for a Spritz every time I needed to use the restroom. 🍹And I would do it again in a heartbeat. ❤️ . Where is somewhere you would love to visit again!? 🗺 . . . #teamkaptainkenny #venice #veniceitaly #italy #girlslovetravel #wearetravelgirls #girlsborntotravel
It was an amazing day and a day we are both thankful for. We decided to cycle the thakhek loop of at least 30km to and fro (guess we definitely cycled more than that) because we couldn’t ride a bike. We are crazy. ; We finally made it to our first cave at around 3PM and when we were done, we asked the locals to get to the second cave and followed the directions but it lead us all the way to a loop back to where we came from instead of the cave. I was very disappointed to only visit one cave after such a long journey so we made crazier decision to continue cycling towards the second cave when the time was already past 5PM and we had around 45 mins to cycle 13km (based on the sign board) before the sun settled down completely and become pitch black. Yet we decided to continue cycling and this was the first time both of us ever really cycle on the roads and for almost the entire day. ; Halfway through the journey, my bicycle broke down twice. The first time was when we were on the way to find the second cave and I was proud that I managed to fix it. As we continue cycling on the dark highway roads with one torchlight each, my bike decided to break down on me again. This time round we already made sane decision and was heading back to town because we know it is impossible for us to cycle in the dark with no proper equipment. So we decided to try to hitch a ride back and we are so thankful for this Vietnamese guy who stopped for us and sent us back to thakhek town area. ; We realised that the area he stopped us was still far from where we had to return the bicycle so I suggested we stop by some roadside stall that was barbecuing meat. Man it was the best decision ever. The barbecue pork was super tasty and not only so, we are so blessed that the shop owner and another of her customer offered to send us back to the bicycle out of goodwill because it was really quite far. ; If not for these people, I think we will be tired and starving with only heavy breakfast, 1 muesli bar each and water to last us till we walked all the way back because there were no tuk tuk at both areas. 🙌🏼 #surelywithjcadventures #surelylcjtravels #surelywanderlust
I'm not a religious person but when I arrived at this mosque before dusk and watched the scene evolve from the magic of sunset to the mystery of night, looking equally stunning with each passing shade of sky, I felt incredibly peaceful and grateful.💛Grateful that I was able to be here. 💛Grateful that I don't live in fear of religions that many in my country do. 💛Grateful that I was raised in a diverse family that taught me to be open minded.💛Grateful to be able to share my experiences. Those who live in fear...who stay in their bubble, whether it be their own race, their own religion, their own country...are truly missing out. Sorry for the rant. What's happening in my country lately has truly upset me. I wish more people who live with hate could experience the wonder of a sight like this.
I’ve received a b&w photo challenge from my BFF @ylhbubble . Not every photo was suitable in B&W colors. It really took me some time to pick this one out of hundreds. Hope you will like it.😊 ➖ Happy weekend.🍻🌃❤️ ➖
Chasing sunsets. Literally 🇨🇳 #travel #wanderlust #china #shanghai #run #running
I loved having coffee every morning with a view of the Tokyo Tower in my @parkhoteltokyo Geisha Goldfish Room! Seriously, the best way to see the Tokyo Tower is from bed with a nice big cup of coffee.
El mundo muy grande, y la vida muy corta. Tenemos colores, pero queremos dinero. Dinero por tiempo, y comenzamos de nuevo. • @edgar_haz 📷 Siempre Gracias! Mostro.
These beauties are actually bamboo fishing traps, the inspiration for the staple AO Show at the Saigon Opera House 🇻🇳 #travel #wanderlust #saigon #vietnam #hcmc
The best view comes after the hardest climb.
Soft powdery white sand and all shades of blue/green water...I’m not complaining. But I got bitten by a fish though, prick 🐟
Amongst monuments, parks, skyscrapers and a karyatide #melbournelife
Make them stop and stare 😉
Island life🌴 #kohlipe #thailand
Such is life 🏝
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