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Logo concept still up for grabs! 😁 Or feel free to contact me for a customised design. 📧
Yummy morning. Here's a plate of chicken pesto by to make y'all jealous. Hihi. ❤️ #chicken #pesto #pasta #cafe #coffee #food #flatlay #artsy #foodblogging
Exclusively at WEARUNEEK.COM
You have the power to write your story. ❤️
The best view of Heaven is from Hell 🔥
Need banners??? Yes we do that too!! Market yourself right with signage that pops! #abqrealtor #realty #realtyworld #realtyone #marketing #branding101 #brandingstyle #rolanddga
Fun fact: I started a vintage leather jacket collection to incorporate into my fall fashion style this year. • Even more fun fact: All of the jackets came from my Uncle's closet (minus the one I'm wearing - he's not that small 😂) • What's your favorite item that you're ready to rock in the fall? Tag a fall fashion Queen! 🍁
Hand up if you like 3D logos! Want a logo for you business? Send me a DM✉️🌼
Logoidea for gameapp. Share if you would play it! 📱
Sounds inspiring right? Well, the truth is that I feel like giving up every day! It hard having 2 sets of twins and 4 older kids that depend on you. It's hard to be consistent in business. It's hard to find the time to sneak in a snuggle with my hubby. I wish I could just give up on all my responsibilities and not feel the pressure of life on my shoulders. I don't give up though. Why? Because those thoughts are just feelings and I have decided not to live my life based on feelings. They come and go. What stays is love. The love I have for those 3 things I mentioned above. That's why I will never give up!
Thanks again to @joealex12 for nominating me to the One Club Educator's Hall Of Fame! It is such an honor and the evening was one of THE best ever! I loved seeing so many from the @vcu_brandcenter and dear friends! I wish that I could share the video created by Joe and the @martinagency with you now. It had me in tears. I'm beyond blessed!
#Repost @iamevanbrown ・・・ The things you are passionate about are not random!!! What if you're not sure about your passion? Take the "Passion Identifier" Quiz that will help us help you! Anyone who has, wants, or is interested in knowing more about Small Businesses, meet us at #SB101 this Sunday.... can't make it? Livestream available for only $20
Super exciting new brand for the O'Shea Agency. Some great work ahead.
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