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Blondes be like 💁🏼‍♀️
I just HAVE TO SAY it feels damn good to fit in my smaller size in November. Ladies you know what I’m talking about. The size that you buy when you’re on your game. When you’re doing the things that make you feel good. When you’re treating your body right. The size that makes you light up when it zips. The size that doesn’t really matter AT ALL except when you can feel proud you fit it. It’s not about the pounds in fact I never weigh myself unless I’m testing out a new program seriously. To me it’s about confidence. It’s about smiling in the mirror. It’s about buying something new & not worrying to ask for the larger one. That my friends is my MISSION. To help you do this 👆🏻 I don’t care how much food is on the table. What obstacles you have. How little time is in your schedule. It I can do this YOU can do this 💋 you know where to find me 💌
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