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Episode #03 is a great one that you don’t want to miss! We sat down with @jamesthemormon and discussed what it’s really like being in his shoes. An amazing man, with an incredible story! Available on ITunes and SoundCloud now • #Podcast #Business #Utah #Business #Entertainment #Political #Listen #Success #RealEstate #Drive #Better #BizTips #SmallBusiness #BigBusiness #InstaGood #Purpose #GoodLife #Motivational #KeepGoing #Itunes #Soundcloud #EmpowerSocial #SiliconSlopes #Follow #Love #Like #Friends #Business #CEO #Fun
Just imagine them fighting over your products 😉 #goals
Stories affirm who we are, and allow us to experience the similarities between ourselves and others, real or imagined. Stories help us make meaning of our lives, and good stories have the power to transform our perceptions of the world. #smallbusiness #smallbiz #leadership #storytelling #biztips #businesssuccess #entrepreneur #solopreneur #startups #bizcoaching
Recently read an article by a fledgling entrepreneur who used most of an article to emphasize the number of ideas they've had. I didn't really understand the point. The article was about start ups yet nothing was included about the importance of research, product/market fit, deployment, team, mentors, the reality of the journey nor a nod to today's pull versus push marketplace. Told me a lot. Ideas are easy. #entrepreneur #biztips #smallbusiness #smallbiz #startup #coaching #businesscoaching #entrepreneurship #digitalmarketing #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia #solopreneur #qotd #business #businessgrowth #businesssuccess
You can only help people who want to help themselves! #CCMGLifestyle
A fun logo design for a local business! #Thatdecor Is a Spruce Grove business who lives in a colorful world. Her logo needed to reflect that. #reallyreallyuseful #logodesign
BLACK FRIDAY SALE: The first 100 customers to make ANY purchase at our gift shop or online store will receive two free 1oz samples of Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax plus a microfiber towel! BONUS: Get 10% off all merchandise in-store and online with promo code 'BLACKFRIDAY.' Click the link in our bio to shop now. #blackfriday
It's Black Friday. If this is a major day for your business, how do you use your data to anticipate demand? With great bookkeeping, you can see what sold best, how much was sold, and how to concentrate your marketing next year.  #business #blackfriday #bookkeeping #digitkeeper #sales #smallbiz #entrepreneur #holidayshopping #biztips
Your spammy looking e-newsletter is NOT enough when it comes to email marketing. See what we mean at the link in our bio.
I’m in my home office processing orders and replying to emails. Today is a major data collection event. If you’ve been running a marketing campaign for Black Friday, be sure to put a system in place to capture the result of your campaign, then be ready to review that data when your campaign ends to improve your performance in the future. Check out 3 metrics you should be watching ⬇️ - • Sources/Medium: This data will tell you where your website traffic is originating from. If a lead clicked the link on IG profile, you will get that information. - • Bounce Rate: This data will tell you the percentage of single-page visits. It's the visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page. The visitor comes to your site, scans the page and "bounces" from your website or blog. - • Site Content: This data shows you your most viewed pages in order, average time on the page, entrances, and more! Google analytics is FREE! Collecting data can be monumental in your marketing efforts!
•HUSTLER - an enterprising person determined to succeed •AMBITIOUS - having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed WHATS DEFINES YOU ??? ‼️‼️‼️‼️
With three days left to sign-up, we have officially SOLD OUT of spots for my Pursue Your Biz Master Course in 2 weeks with a $0 budget! (<---for those of you who may think it takes money to make money) __________________ My prayer is that with the help of this course 50+ women are going to change the world with the gifts that God has placed in their hands; I couldn't be more excited about it! #pursueyourbiz
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