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“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”
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Calling all Denver makers, founders, startups, and entrepreneurs! 📣 ⠀ Join Ascend’s CEO & Co-Founder Chad Coleman at @DenStartupWeek for his presentation on the 3 key factors of successful branding. ⠀ RSVP via link in bio! ⠀
ULTIMATE TEAM PLAYER TIP: One of the quickest, most effective and most impactful ways to contribute to the team lies in the approach we take to questions. Most people think that finding an answer is the key to unlocking problems and discovering new opportunities. Good team players take pride in their ability give the best answer possible. However, there is another level; a level where the ultimate team player focuses most of their attention. Rather than struggle to find the right answer, they do something different and instead focus on finding the BEST QUESTION. The reason they do this is that they know, the minute they ask the right question, the right answers will also start to show up. And the right answer, to the right question, is going to be infinitely more powerful, immediately more effective and undoubtedly more compelling to the team. Have you seen this action before? Let us know in the comments. -DS✌❤😃
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Danger Overhead Is A Local Garage Punk Band Out Of Mississauga. They'll be ROCKIN Toronto Sept 22nd, 2017. 9PM
Dog Drive Mantis LIVE @ Salto Restaurant & Bar Sept 22nd, 2017. 11:15PM
Dangeroverhead LIVE @ Salto Restaurant & Bar Sept 22nd, 2017. 9:45PM.
Check Out What Google Just Launched At The End Of August! They Just Rolled Out A Personalized Newsfeed. According To "It's no secret that Google monitors your online habits, and typically expresses that tracking in almost eerily accurate targeted ads. For Google app users, though, this monitoring of online behavior now shows up in personalized newsfeed recommendations. The content stream will be based on users' search histories and selected preferences, and users will be able to "follow" search results to ensure similar stories pop up in this feed." "That means that significantly older, but still highly relevant, results have an opportunity to surface in users' feeds. Because of this, I recommend that brands that have content hubs or blogs update their top older posts (what we at Masthead Media call "live content optimization"), as Google is now more likely to send traffic to those older, high-quality articles." "Make sure those pieces contain timely language and links to products that you're currently selling--so readers will have every opportunity to learn about your brand and buy your products." Drop us a DM if you have any questions about taking advantage of these 3 tools to maximize your small business marketing budget, we would be happy to help!
Do You Use Facebook To Market Your Small Business Or Brand?? If You Do Your Going To Want To Hear About The New Tool That Facebook Just Rolled Out! Facebook Now Enables Brands to Make Groups! According To "Connecting with your customers on Facebook is nothing new, but up until recently, brands have had limited ability to segment their audiences. Now, brands can create groups on Facebook--all linked to the main brand page--and they no longer need to use personal pages as administrators." "What this means for your brand is twofold. To start, you can now segment your brand's existing audience into different interest groups, thus enabling you to reach them with hyper-targeted messaging. Secondly, you can use interest- or hobby-based groups to bring new audiences to your brand. Ultimately, this new tool enables brands to use Facebook more like people do, making branded Facebook interactions that much more personal." We will be utilizing facebooks new feature to our advantage to maximize every one of our clients marketing strategies! Will your business be our next success story?
The NEW Social Media Meets Shopping Platform That You Need To Know About! "One Platform that has potential to be the next big thing for online retailers is Spark--Amazon's new e-commerce-meets-social-networking platform. Spark takes the concept of Instagram's shoppable photos and--being Amazon--makes it even easier to shop right in the app." - Inc. Magazine You already know how powerful instagram can be when it comes to marketing products or services..... Now businesses can make more sales directly from their product or service photos... Spark is a platform that business owners must learn... It will be an essential plaform for product based businesses to grow their brand awareness & revenue in 2018! If you don't have time to learn the ins and outs of the platform, we got you covered! We will be learning how to maximize the potential of this platform to take your business to the next level. Shoot us a DM if you are interested in exploring this New Platform By Amazon Called "Spark".
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