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💩bitch!!! 🤣🤣🤣 These are #truthful #statements right here tho #berespectful #secondchances #whatgoesaroundcomesaround
Let’s talk. Agree or disagree but be respectful. Very often Black Women publicly ignore each other’s success or have negative commentary. It’s like Black women only want to see “certain” Black women win in life. We all have that friend or family member who won’t like your post but if someone says the same thing they are all over it! Because they secretly have a problem with YOU for no reason. Frankly, the population that seems to be “clappin” the hardest at Kaoir seems to be single Black women. From the YouTube videos to the disrespectful comments. Where are the White, Hispanic or Asian women that are making videos about her skeletal closet that we all have at? None in sight. This is coming from a place of love as a Black woman but BLACK WOMEN NEED TO DO BETTER about not dumping on each other. Especially in Public. It seems to be her target market that’s coming down on her the hardest. Why are no married Black women talking publicly on the subject? Celebrities like Ciara, Tia and Tamera or Solange or Gabrielle Union. Mostly the single Black women who were probably once her FANS. I got questions and I demand answers👂🏼 @keyshiakaoir @laflare1017 #keyshiakaoir #guccimane #laflare #celebrity #weddings #blackwomen #blacklove #sisterhood #girlcode #drama #hater #hating #tellthetruth #laflare #guwop #mrsdavis #mrdavis #coach_chell #lifecoach #montgomeryalabama #alabama #letstalk #berespectful
Alright, alright! Let’s hear it for Doris Hancock Elementary School for completing their Tier I TFI. Way to go, Grizzlies! #BeSafe #BeRespectful #BeResponsible #PBIS @nevada_pbis @clarkcountysch @safeschoolsnv
Always treat other like how you want to be treated. Or better believe, I’ll be one to give you your own medicine. #berespectful #justthrowinitoutthere #iftheshoefits🤷🏻‍♀️ #quotes
Axle weight check in the international. Always be respectful to the officers, they are just doing their jobs just like we are. Had no problems at all. We shared smiles, laughter and told each other have a blessed day. #hickorync #berespectful
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