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Stay patient and trust your journey. #breathtakingbatanes #batanes
Yesterday I met a Thai man on the ferry traveling with his girlfriend. We became friends and exchanged information, which led to renting a private speed boat all together today. Since they spoke Thai, they were able to negotiate the price really low and we toured the islands around Phi Phi for 4 hours. We played with monkeys on the Beach, snorkeled and swam in the sun. It was such an amazing day. • • • #thailand #travel #travelgram #sunset_vision #wonderful_places #worldbestgram #adventureculture #earthpix #natgeolandscape #exclusive_shot #amazing_longexpo #nationalpark #awesome_photographers #nature_perfection #master_pics #glacier #glaciernationalpark #landscape #ig_dynamic #natureaddict #wildernessculture #awesome_globepix #discoverearth #natgeotravelpic #pro_ig #sunset #sunrise #stateparks #photography
Back in Chiang Mai I found this abandoned altar of toys, of course I had to sit with them for a while and cheered them up 😉 #travelpenguin_asim #chiangmai #lostinthestreets #thailand #beautifulseasia
♡Enchanting lndonesia♡ LOMBOK 101: These boys are young performers of the traditional war dance in the Lombok SASAK tribe, called PRESEAN. They were taught by their fathers, their fathers by their forefathers and so on, a cultural re-generation and a heritage that hopefully will stay for generations to come and will not be eroded by time. If you have the opportunity & means to visit the traditional villages, donate generously, buy their crafts happily. The little that may mean nothing to some of us, will go a long way to support the tradition that will otherwise disappear slowly without our support. Think of it in exchange of the beautiful photos, experience & memories we take away with us. Forever. It is worth more than any money can buy [instead of focusing on things that are cheap or complaining things are expensive, which I hear a lot ✌✌]. ♡ Let your LOMBOK STORY begins with us here at 👉 @enchantingescape.lombok👈 Hope to see you there !! Join us !! Limited spots for OCT & NOV available !! ♡ Cheers, Evadora
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