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Didn’t I tell you we was gonna make it to the top.
Sentí como si me golpearan con un bate de béisbol en el pecho, pero desde dentro. Manchas de un azul claro parpadearon en los márgenes de mi campo visual, violencia silenciosa abrupta sin sangre...el dolor hizo que mi mundo se detuviera, seguí tocando, terminé la canción. El público no sabía que mi corazón había dado un salto mortal, justo antes del solo la máquina en mi corazón me acaba de recordar lo preciosa que es la vida. Recibí el mensaje con toda claridad: 15 años de drogadicción y de excesos con la bebida habían hinchado el órgano de tal manera que le faltaba poco para reventar. Cuando finalmente me hospitalizaron me dijeron que me quedaban entre seis días y seis semanas de vida...Slash #slash #anthonybozza #autobiography #autobiografia #gunsnroses #velvetrevolver #book
Just #finished #reading #whatdoesthisbuttondo the #autobiography of #brucedickinson It has been a #interesting look into the the life of one of the greatest frontmen in #heavymetal from his #earlyyears to joining #ironmaiden then leaving the band and then rejoining ushering in a new era of @ironmaiden and everything in between. If you're a fan of Iron Maiden the this book is a #mustread #uptheirons
I work at Perfect Purchase Electronics and today was Black Friday. Before the store opened, i was on my way inside and I yelled to the people waiting, "ARE YOU READY FOR GREAT SALES ON GREAT PRODUCTS!?!?!?!" and they yelled back, "YEEAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" Then I ran past all of the people and they all slapped me five and it felt great. It was like I was the star player on their favourite sports team. Then we all went inside and I helped them get discounts on their favourite products
Every time the birth year is mentioned in any book , a reader gets alert. Curious. One is extremely possessive about his year of birth. Not easy to let it go to someone to put it into a book even if its #ingmarbergman so this is what he was upto when i was arriving , i see ! #books #magiclantern #autobiography #1976
Run, Holly, Run is Land of the Lost star Kathy Coleman’s story about her life before, during, and after the classic TV show aired and was released. The book was released in May 2017 and can be found on Amazon. This is my inscribed copy from Kathy along with a large promotional magnet. Not kidding- the Land of the Lost stars, who often travel around together for pop culture shows, are truly some of the nicest people on the planet. #krofft #sidandmartykrofft #landofthelost #classictv #saturdaymorningtv #runhollyrun #kathycoleman #wesleyeure #phillippaley #chaka #books #literature #autobiography #tvstars
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