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F// my quotes page asap‼️ @ybquotez
They ain't with me 😪💯
This shit ain't nothing like the old days I'll never go back to my old ways hate me or love me 💔💔💔 #brokenheart #watchusayin #38baby #fucklove
Stick with who behind you 💯
Gang 🤘🏾 " take me to the safe " coming soon 💪🏾
Gang 🤘🏾
Ion fuck with you. Play with me joe gone shoot you in yo shit #onlymyniggas
‪I then put some many niggas in they place bitch yo mama know what it is. stay out my comments pull up to my show, show me I'm a hoe lord know I been locked up too many times over bull shit you know who step fr bitch you ain't gotta ask 🖕🏽‬
Never let a girl brake yo heart li nigga, never be about money to the point it hurt your family be a man forever #forever my #38BABY #draco
Throwback to my birthday with some wonderful people #tbt #august4th #bolinas #dogs #beach #funfun
3️⃣🎱👶🏽 #ongang 💚🌴🤘🏽
Lol crazy how outsiders speak on gang shit 😴💯
Yb x MoneyBaggYo " Confidential " out now
Str8 GanG Shit 😈💪
Welcome home 3three 💪💰❤💯 @og_3three
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