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Families are loving #TheStarMovie in theaters everywhere November 17th! #AtlantaScreening #D3EG
CEO and Celebrity Publicist #LeslisTopps of the @toppsprfirm stops for a photo moment with #KeishaKnightPulliam at a private #AtlantaScreening!! #PRMentalityNetwork #NetworkAffliate
Saw an advanced screening of #Leap this past Saturday & it's a MUST see. #NeverGiveUpOnYourDreams #TakeTheLeap in theatres Friday, August 25, 2017
@stepthemovie is in theatres! Go see it today!
@stepthemovie is out TODAY! Get tickets now! It will touch your heart and remind you of what's really important in life.
Seriously the best movie of the summer!! I cried but mostly laughed! This was women empowerment at its BEST!!! Amazing amazing movie!! @GirlsTripMovie hits theaters July 21!! Support this amazing film and take 5 people with you!! I AM!! @willpowerpacker @morereginahall @jadapinkettsmiith #reginahall #jadapinkettsmith #AtlantaScreening #GirlsTripMovie
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