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made my first batch of stickers!! i’m gonna have these and some penny ones so if you’re interested dm me! they’re $3.50 shipped, quite big and waterproof ;) 💗💗💗
if more ppl drew my boy i would cry happy tears
Bit weird
Amazing cheetah oil painting by @davidstribblingwildlifeart 🐆 #impactfulpigments - Curated by @mtgutierrez4
Pokemon x Disney crossover 👊🏼 I know this isn’t my original concept but I am a lover of both Disney and Pokemon, especially the Pokemon Nintendo games I played growing up! Does anyone here like Pokemon? I don’t draw Pokemon too often but I’d love to do more of these crossovers in the future! Also, apologies for lack of posting, I have just started University and it has been so busy keeping up with the work load, I’ll try to post when I can so I appreciate the patience and dedication you have for my art! You guys are awesome!! 😁 hope you like this drawing❣️❣️
digital commission for @clarissawalksthemoon!! sorry it took me a bit i’ve never done a self insert before but i hope you like it :,) 💙
Almost done! 🤙🏻🎨 🏍
Very obsessed with this illustration by @amidst.silence :) It's so beautiful!! #impactfulpigments - Curated by @mtgutierrez4
art trade with my friend @shadowwallxx!! this is her clown boy todd 🤡 he was so fun to draw omg i hope you like it!! 💖
I'm always inspired by the watercolor work of @juliabarminova 😀 #impactfulpigments - Curated by @mtgutierrez4
Rajah Sketches 🐯❣️ Who would be your dream Disney animal sidekick?! Mine would be Stitch! 😁
Scarlett Johansson, #avengers
This simple phrase will get you far in life 🙋🏻‍♂️ #tbt
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