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“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.” - Carl Sagan ..... TOMORROW! Monday 18 December @ 12pm. Join us for FREE Bazinga Facepainting.
A song of fire and ice and all things naughty at #MCQP2017 😍
Should someone tell these two they are related?! Nah,let our Khaleesi @fazielahwilliams have her fun with Jon Snow at #MCQP2017 in #lovecapetown 🤣
Cape Town,kneel before your Khaleesi at the Castle of Goodhope 😎 #MCQP2017
You watch her walk away and it hits you that she is an entire ocean and you were wrong, so very wrong, because you let her go thinking she was just a girl. . . . . . . 📷 @tinkie18
May I introduce to you: Mr. Table Mountain in his full glory! Stunning from every angle, especially with that cloudy #summersky. #tablemountainnationalpark #amazingcapetown
Cape Town City Hall is a large Edwardian building in Cape Town city centre which was built in 1905. It is located on the Grand Parade to the west of the Castle and is built from honey-coloured oolitic limestone imported from Bath in England. The building was designed as the result of a public competition, the winning architects being Messrs Harry Austin Reid and Frederick George Green, with the contractors being Messrs T. Howard and F. G. Scott. Much of the building material, including fixtures and fittings was imported from Europe. The Organ was built by Messrs Norman and Beard of London and Norwich, the specifications were drawn up by Sir George Martin, organist of St Paul's Cathedral in London especially for the City Hall. The workmanship and materials are of high quality, and the organ made from mahogany, teak and pine. Sir George Martin spoke of it as “a magnificent instrument in every gradation of tone, from the softest stop to the most powerful tuba being found in the organ, and all under the most perfect control, and that altogether the instrument must be regarded as an artistic and mechanical triumph”. There are altogether 3165 pipes varying from 32 feet (10 metres) to 3⁄4 inch (19 millimetres). The wind was supplied by a Kinetic Blower worked by an electric motor. The tower of the City Hall has a Turret Clock which strikes the hours and chimes the Westminster quarters. The faces of the clock are made from 4 skeleton iron dials filled with opal. The clock has a 24-hour wheel and lever. The bells were cast by Messrs John Taylor and Co of Loughborough and the clock was supplied by JB Joyce & Co of Whitchurch. The City Hall's carillon was installed as a World War I war memorial, with 22 additional bells being added in 1925 with the visit of the Prince of Wales. On February 11, 1990, only hours after his release from prison, Nelson Mandela made his first public speech after his release from the balcony of Cape Town City Hall. #capetown #southafrica #capetownmag #capetownetc #ilovecapetown #ilovesouthafrica #soultravelers #capetownskies #southafricanphotography #photooftheday #capetownguide #amazingcapetown #thisiswhatson
History Turns Into Art 📷 @vonsahli
I definitely have a new #favoritecountry ! I'm back from my #solotravel in #southafrica and have hundreds of new pictures for you 😁
chasing sunsets w/ @matthewjmole & @oppositetheother 👀🌅
Ocean obsessed 💙
What’s your flavour? Tell us what’s your flavour oooooh... happy Saturday! Remember we’re just a call away. Book your first appointment with us today. Durbanville - 0835606771 or Westin - 0828258899🎉💃 If you can squeeze it we can freeze it❄️🌬️ #lokkimacapetown
Wish random kindness can warm the city up.
I recently saw a post from someone on Insta where she was lying in a hotel bathtub with a glass of champagne watching a glorious sunset in Cape Town... It was a really sick photo... But my first reaction...? "$#%!, are you having a $£?!%€! bath in the middle of a drought?!" 😱
A Mother of Dragons is always prepared... I look forward to meeting my subjects at #MCQP2017 tonight😍
Finally got to take the postcard photo 😍
🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦 The best thing about December holidays in Cape Town...... endless hot summer days filled with beach swims, ice cream and always ending the day with a glass of wine. My first Christmas home in 3 years, definitely a complete different experience to a white Christmas in Germany but I am loving everything about it! Im looking forward to making so many memories, tanning, relaxing and all round just spending a lot of time with all the special people around me. What is on your bucket list for the summer? PC: @rayphotography21
Thanks, twinn, for the day. It’s good to have you here every once in a while 👊🏽
Springtime in Cape Town is a wonder and was full of adventures for us.
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