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65 posts per hour.

Posting speed of hashtag 4chan shows you how many media is posted with tag per hour. If this value more than 500 hashtag is very popular, but your post will go down in the list soon.

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some1 give me clout i suc toes nohomo
Лайк, если у тебя тоже нет аккаунта в инстаграме 👍 Поделись с остальными, пусть знают что ты не сидишь в инсте 👍 #инстаграм #мем #4chan
Was expecting the world to end today and now here I am awake during sad nigga hours 😔😔 If you up and things in life are rough... then kindly and sadly hit that like button :(
top sets of 240/108 x2, 230/104 x4 followed by sleeved 215/97 fives
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