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Once I saw my brother who is a special needs child, playing a video game like a normal child. He was driving that car with the accuracy of a semi-pro gamer. This made me realize that there can be an interactive way of learning for children like my brother. I was like all other software engineering students in love with programming, and would spend most of my time at the university searching for the next big idea. For my final year project, I accidently hit a goldmine with an idea now known as WonderTree. I channeled my brother's passion for games into developing an app for children with special needs. The app essentially lets children play intricately designed games and records their behavioral patterns while playing. At the end of the game, parents receive analytics about their children that in turn will help them better attend to their children’s most pressing needs. However, I did not want the idea to die after completion of my final year project. Therefore, as I approached my graduation, I actively began pursuing opportunities to convert it into a full-fledged commercial app. An innovation competition in Karachi encouraged me to pursue it as my team took away first prize out of over 300 participants. I was also selected for TechJuice #25Under25 young achiever. With time, I began expanding my team by bringing in more people to work on development and marketing. Last year, I had the product ready but no one seemed to want to buy it. However, that changed later when WonderTree was crowned winner at GIST 2016. Since then the startup has been successfully running, and I got a research paper published and won top prizes at APICTA and the P @SHA ICT Awards. The win at GIST, has projected us onto the international arena with the startup seeing a considerable increase in order placements from USA, UK, and Europe. However, WonderTree hasn’t had a good reception in Pakistan so far. Installing the system in schools is met with a bottleneck at the administration which is not well-equipped to adapt to the new system. So far a small number of schools in Islamabad and Karachi have come on board with us. In future if I am able to overcome these challenges, I would place Won
Life’s difficult, especially if you're aiming high. Everybody’s got problems. Mediocrity is terrifyingly easy to end up in. But beyond all of this is our dreams- foolish dreams perhaps, but such beautiful ones. I work hard and do pretty well. I got straight As, went to KGS, more straight As, IBA, great GRE score, fancy extracurriculars etc- cool, but it doesn’t mean anything unless you feel happy and fulfilled. People’s praise wasn’t making me happy. Their happiness wasn’t my happiness! I knew I wanted to do something that had meaning- something that helped people. I also knew I wanted to do something in art- but people looked down on it, so I just drew in private. People wanted money and success- life should get you the shiny badges and the stacks of cash. My interests, I was told, wouldn’t lead there. I grew up as a daughter of parents who loved comics. Instead of reading children’s books, my mother would read me comic books. So my affiliation and love for arts and comics started in my childhood. In the beginning, I would just post random comics on my Facebook, but eventually when I started getting a audience I made my work more thematic. The comics I share are usually sarcastic comentary on the conditions in Pakistan. I take issues like political, economic turmoil, unemployment and present them in digestible manner for community. I was lucky to be recognized as #25Under25 of TechJuice. In 2015, I took on most important work of my life - SABAQ. A Pakistan Digi Awards winner, Pakistan Innovation Awards Nominee, and recent participant of WISE 2017, is reshaping education through tech and art. It has now reached 20,000 students, improving learning outcomes and making education accessible in remote areas. I was formative to this startup, and this startup was formative to me. I've watched children reading and laughing over stories I've illustrated, and one that I've written. In schools, it is helping teachers teach. And in underprivileged areas, it’s being used where children have no schools. The one thing left for me is that I really want to tell some stories. I feel our collective lived experience, in its good and bad sense, is something precious that....
My parents were doctors and from the start they had planned for me to become a one too. The motivation I had in becoming a doctor was to help humanity but my interest shifted when my own computer was hacked in 2009 by a hacker from Russia. To get back the control of my computer, I googled for four days and finally got it back. This is how my interest in ethical hacking developed. Though hacking is a notorious term but what I do is used by the world's best organizations to protect themselves from the cyber crimes. In 2009, I started my blog with a purpose to help people secure them from hackers by writing tips and tricks for them. Eventually I got an admission in a BS(CS). With this I became interested in the concept of hacking, and would spend my time using my android device to perform security research work. My break came, when in 2012, I hacked into PayPal and exposed gaping vulnerabilities in their service. PayPal recognized my effort by awarding me $10,000 and later offered me a job which I couldnt accept at that time for some reasons. In 2014, I released a report on an Android bug: which according to Google’s own stats made 75 million devices prone to attack. My work has later been reported by some of the world’s top news agencies like Forbes, Wall Street Journal and BBC. I have also been inducted into Microsoft, Facebook and Google’s Hall of Fame. In the light of my work, in December 2014, I was listed in SC Magazine’s list of Top 35 Threat Seekers in the World. Furthermore, in 2014, I was listed among the world’s top 5 ethical hackers by the CheckMarx magazine. I also wrote a book named Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Guide which was published through UK press and available worldwide. I was lucky enough to be selected as #25Under25 for TechJuice. I represented Pakistan at one of biggest Security conference Blackhat and was the only Pakistani representative. I have also worked with Pakistani government agencies and currently I am working in UAE with international clients in capacity of a consultant. I proposed to Pakistani Government to create cyber unit to help people secure them from cyber crime but it is still just a proposal. I hope my efforts
My father has been serving in Air Force and as a result I got schooled in almost every Fazia school in the country. My father wanted at least one of us (siblings) to join military though he never pressurized us. My interest in computers developed when I was in grade 6. One day, I just picked my sister’s computer book from the table and a question caught my attention. I was bored and started solving it and to my surprise its answer turned out to be correct. At that time, I didn’t even know how to install windows but my interest in Computers developed because I thought I have some kind of special understanding for it. I applied for admission in NUST for graduation and got my name in the third merit list. After enrolling I was on one with lowest merit position in my class. But, I worked really hard and am proud that I made history when I graduated from NUST by becoming the first person to score a perfect of 4.0 in SEECS. I also won NUST High Achiever by Rector NUST. I am also one of the two Pakistanis out of 40 interns that were selected from a pool of 1600 people who applied for an internship program at CERN Openlab in Switzerland. During my internship, I discovered a major security loop hole in one of the algorithms and successfully developed a pilot project implementing the second algorithm. I also won the title for the Best Lightning Talk 2015, making it Pakistan’s victory after becoming an associate member of CERN. I also earned a summer internship at EPFL which is one of the best European universities. At EPFL, I learned how international education system worked and gained a sense of independence especially in terms of technical aspect. After this I was selected for TechJuice #25under25 young achievers. Currently, I am on a full scholarship in Netherlands. I want to come back and help in improving the education system of Pakistan. I feel there are stereotypes attached to profession of teaching in Pakistan, I want to break it as I plan to join academia on my return after completing my degree to my homeland.
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Happy Birthday Omimi!! Omimi is a member of the 25 Under 25 Community (2016/2017). He won the award in the Software & Design category at the just concluded 25 Under 25 Awards. Omimi Okere is a 17 year old graphic designer. is a social media platform solely for creative work. It's a platform where all creatives can host their portfolios for free without getting drowned out. The aim in the near future is to start paying the top content providers. He conceptualised and begun the journey of creating Qontent mid-2016 when he was 15. The main reason for the concept was, he was starting to produce more designs and I didn't have anywhere to display them online other than my social media accounts, but of course, his social media accounts had other things on them as well and he felt my work would be drowned out and go unnoticed. The other option was to set up a portfolio site, which he saw a lot of other people doing. The problem was with setting up a whole website just for his portfolio was that, he felt it won't get enough attention, so, he begun working on a social media platform solely for creative work that was free to use. Omimi also prides himself on keeping up to date with the world of design and technology. He is currently working on a path of industrial design in the University. #sme100nigeria #25under25 #entrepreneur #youngentrepreneur #business
I opened my eyes in a small village outside Sialkot and moved to Lahore when I was in grade 5th. My elder siblings were all pursuing medical, hence it was expected of me to follow the field of medicine. One of my uncles, who lived abroad, introduced me to computers. I got my first PC when I was grade 7. The stories my uncle told me about computers, cyber security and artificial intelligence were inspiring enough to fell in love with the computers. Till grade 10th, I was learning from the internet and working to improve my hacking. But, to support myself financially I started doing graphic designing. I started freelancing in grade 11 but my family stopped me so I can focus on my studies only. And it actually helped because I got admission in all top 6 universities of Pakistan but I chose to continue studies at FAST as I was offered full scholarship unlike LUMS and NUST which I could not afford. After first semester at FAST, I started working in my dream field, Cyber Security. I started reading books and blogs watching tutorials, and everything that I could find related to cyber security. However, I knew that if I want to pursue higher studies and conduct research in the field of cyber-security, I must never compromise my studies. So, I maintained my focus. Artificial Intelligence also fascinated me and one of my teachers introduced me to a professor of LUMS who had been doing research on Artificial Intelligence. AI and Cyber Security seemed a good combination to me, and something that was rarely done before. Meanwhile I was selected for TechJuice #25Under25 young achievers which worked as a morale booster. As a security researcher, I found vulnerabilities in leading tech companies including Google, United Airlines, Microsoft, Apple, Dell, NASA, MIT hp, IBM and Stanford. I even received appreciation from the head of Webspam team at Google, Matt Cutts, for a guide that I wrote on his website. I have also done many Machine Learning projects, including a robot that can teach hacking. I am also working with few international professors and in August 2018, I will peruse my PhD from US. I want to come back....
From early childhood, computers fascinated me. I made my first program when I was in grade 8. It was a basic code that displayed the table of 2 but still it was an achievement for me. Although, I was just a kid but I was always able to identify what my passion was and worked towards making myself perfect in whatever I do. I came across a Computer Science book for 9th and 10th grade students and used it to teach myself the basics of programming. A few years, later when I started my undergrad degree I was certain that I wanted a CS major. Little did I know that it would be a completely life-altering experience for me. In my second semester, Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) was offering internships to university students and I applied without giving a second thought to it. In its quest, I took a month to develop a Windows application which eventually scored me that highly competitive internship. Drawing from my experience as an MIC intern, I in my university days, I went on to develop numerous applications on varied platforms including the official application for Geo News. My apps earned me revenue of $50,000. My constant struggle, interest and love for computer led me to be named as a Microsoft Student Partner. I used this position to revolutionize Tech & Information Technology and offer training to students in universities across Lahore. Simultaneously, I was running a small IT solutions startup which was acquired by Sonotech. I was also selected for TechJuice #25Under25 young achievers list. In 2014, I was invited to the Microsoft Student Partner Summit in the USA and became the only Pakistani to be awarded Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional Award three years in a row for my contributions in Windows application development. I am also the only Pakistani to blog on Microsoft’s Official blog for TechNet Wiki – a position otherwise given to Microsoft employees only. I feel so proud that I have made my country proud. I have been offering session of Technical Training to students for past few years and I have no plan to put a full stop to it. I am now working on a book which I am writing on my professional lessons that I have learnt over time so that it may he
I know quite well how to treat the challenges put forth by life and make the lemonade out of lemons. My father abandoned us when I was a year old. My mother brought me up despite all the hardships she had to face. After my father left we went to our grandparents but they denied helping us and forced my mother to marry again but that marriage turned out to be a failure too. As I grew up, I started to help earn money to feed my family, so I had no choice but to quit my studies. My salary was quite low and there were days when we went without meals. When I was in 8th grade, my relatives came and took me away. They reassured my mother that they will look after me and send me to get education. But when I went to live with them, it all turned out to be lies I was ordered to take care of all the domestic responsibilities and take care of their children. I fell ill of tuberculosis but even then no one took me for a medical checkups or took care of me. Later, my stepbrothers threw my mother out of the house and we were left with no food and shelter. We had no food and shelter for days and we ended up working in a house. Fortunately, the family was very kind who gave us a room to live. Considering my interest in education, they got me admitted into a school. I was a brilliant student at school and has developed interest in tech gadgets from a very young age. Later, I got admission in an IT institute. So, I started working hard and Information Technology became a driving force for me. Later, using my skills and knowledge and in collaboration with Women Rights Organization in Swat district, I developed a platform on web where incidences against women were noted. For me, every day is a new day and I try to utilize my time. I am teaching at a school where I inspire young students to develop interest in Information technology. I have also created a group in Swat called SheTech and it focuses to provide young girls basic computer education. I am trying hard to get the funding to launch it on a broader level. Under the SheTech I also want to open a code school in Swat. I was also selected for TechJuice #25Under25 which gave me a good experience. I have seen many crises ...
Happy Birthday Ope!! @faaribysisiope Opeoluwa is a member of the 25 Under 25 Community (2016/2017). She was a nominee in the Beauty & Makeup category at the just concluded 25 Under 25 Awards. Opeoluwa is the CEO and Head makeup artist at Fáàrí By Sisi Ope. Fáàrí By Sisi Ope is a makeup and beauty outfit that believes every woman is beautiful and helps in enhancing that beauty. What started out as just a hobby has turned into the beginning of a beauty empire. They consider ourselves innovative and creative entrepreneurs that provides a solution to every woman's beauty needs. Like their slogan says: “Let us Adorn you!” They intend to make the world a better and more beautiful place to be one woman at a time! Their services include bridal makeup, makeup for beauty and editorial shoots, makeup trainings and so on! #sme100nigeria #25under25 #entrepreneur #youngentrepreneur #business
Thank you so much!!! Proud to be associated with this global platform @Regranned from @sme100nigeria - Happy Birthday Babalola! @idbragga Babalola is a member of the 25 Under 25 Community (2016/2017). He was a nominee in the Media & Communication category at the just concluded 25 Under 25 Awards. Babalola Idowu is a professional PR/Media expert, TV Producer, Blogger, writer, motivational speaker, social media influencer, content provider & also a philanthropist. He has worked with notable media houses, non-governmental organisations & executive brands such as Sevenseries production, JE Records, Five Star Music, Intervention for the less privileged, WHO, European Union, PMAN , SOP Records (owned by Funke Akindele & JJC Skillz), D-Grace Intl Sports consult to mention but a few. He is currently the President & founder of Datjoblessboi TV (A Premium online TV & Hub focusing mainly on African music export, Entertainment News, Movies & Motivationals.) He also doubles as the co-owner of Bragga-City Nigeria Limited. (A general entertainment,production, events & talent, management & consultancy services company) located in Lagos Nigeria. #sme100nigeria #25under25 #entrepreneur #youngentrepreneur #business #Birthday #100Radio #100PercentRadio #DatjoblessboiTV #Datjoblessboi #DJBGP #DJBTV #1
Happy Birthday Babalola! @idbragga Babalola is a member of the 25 Under 25 Community (2016/2017). He was a nominee in the Media & Communication category at the just concluded 25 Under 25 Awards. Babalola Idowu is a professional PR/Media expert, TV Producer, Blogger, writer, motivational speaker, social media influencer, content provider & also a philanthropist. He has worked with notable media houses, non-governmental organisations & executive brands such as Sevenseries production, JE Records, Five Star Music, Intervention for the less privileged, WHO, European Union, PMAN , SOP Records (owned by Funke Akindele & JJC Skillz) to mention but a few. He is currently the President & founder of Datjoblessboi TV (A Premium online TV & Hub focusing mainly on African music export, Entertainment News, Movies & Motivationals.) He also doubles as the co-owner of Bragga-City Nigeria Limited. (A general entertainment,production, events & talent, management & consultancy services company) located in Lagos Nigeria. #sme100nigeria #25under25 #entrepreneur #youngentrepreneur #business
Happy Birthday Omolola! @unravellingnigeria ⠀ ⠀ Lola is a member of the 25 Under 25 Community (2016/2017). She was a nominee in the Tourism & Hospitality category at the just concluded 25 Under 25 Awards.⠀ ⠀ Omolola Daniyan is a travel enthusiast and is passionate about promoting tourism in Nigeria. After pursuing degrees in Mechanical Engineering and marketing, she realised there was a vacuum in the Nigerian tourism story and took it upon herself to change that. With a blog, she decided to share stories and pictures of various tourist sites around the country that she visited and along the way started planning curated tours for those who were interested in touring the country. Her vision is for Unravelling Nigeria to be the one stop shop information on all things tourism and to plan tours in a unique, fun and educative way. ⠀ #sme100nigeria #25under25 #entrepreneur #youngentrepreneur #business
Life doesn’t always give us the privileges to stay forever with people we love most. Death is an inevitable reality. I lost my father at a very young age which made me anti-social and matured me before time. Till grade 4th, I was a very bright student and would top my class. After my father’s death, my education was adversely affected. I was eldest of all siblings and was very close to my father. He was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and we came to know very late; just 8 months before he passed away. The burden of raising children and household fell on my mother. She took a stand for us and started doing a clerical job at Motorway Policy with a meagre amount of Rs.3500/month. After her daily job, she would sit with me for hours to counsel me to work hard and be self-sufficient. Thanks to her, I secured a position in secondary board examination and later managed to be among top 25 students in Matric board exams, received a full scholarship at Punjab College of Information and Technology where I was declared as the ‘Athlete of the Year’. Gradually, I started believing in myself and things started getting easy for me. When I joined NUST, I started taking part in sports and athletics. I had a height phobia but then came a rock climbing event in Saidpur village which was a very difficult track. I took part in it and won the competition which led me to an international mountain climbing event and won accolades in more than 6 rock and wall climbing competitions across the country. In 2015, I participated in Pakistan’s only wilderness-based youth leadership conference Markhor. After the completion of the conference, I was called for an interview by the CEO of ‘Youth Impact’ who then made me the first female and youngest Program Manager of Markhor. Last year, I was given the honor of being the only representative from Asia from 12 students selected from all countries who participated in National Conference on Student Leadership held in USA. On this occasion, I also received the lamp of “Achieving the Legacy Slam’ from Mr. Jeff Dess out of the 250 participants and also gave a speech that portrayed the positive image of Pakistan. In 2016, I was also selected in the....
Just like Bubblegum Alley, our young filmmakers and their films will surely pop out! • • • • • #bubblegum #alley #gum #sanluisobispo #slo #slocal #805 #centralcoast #california #westcoast #filmfestival #filmfest #25under25 #signup
#SceneLive: Are you ready to meet Egypt's #25under25, 2017 edition? We scoured across startup incubators, accelerators and supporting organisations to find the country's youngest changemakers, from HealthTech, to the Creative economy, to the most impact-driven EdTech ventures. Stay tuned as we reveal these 25 ruthless innovators and check out the SERIES on's #25under25 series 👏
#SceneLive: It's our favourite time of the year; the day we meet, discover and uncover Egypt's youngest gems: the #25under25 entrepreneurs reshaping their societies. From social startups using 3D printers to help those with disabilities, to construction marketplaces, to some of the key players of the national startup ecosystem, these young warriors of change are poised to leave their mark. Check out our Instastories to watch the LIVE action. 🙌
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