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This is my opinion. Please don't take offense to it :) #5 SEVENTEEN I love these boys, they're great at what they do and so adorable #4 GOT7 GOT7 are so talented and truly entertaining, I could watch them for hours. (SVT too donut worry) #3 EXO Now...EXO is a very controversial group imo (also being an ARMY and EXO-L is like really hard with stupid ass fan wars fjdvdhd) but I love them, again I could watch them for hours and in fact, I have #2 MONSTA X Now, I recently became a MonBebe but I'm so glad I did and I'm so glad I gave the group a chance Now finally, #1 BTS Now, BTS are my ultimate bias group so of course they are in the top spot (not to put down other groups) I have so much respect for them and I love them to pieces!!
BLACK FRIDAY DEAL #2! ✨EVERYONE needs a good red for the holidays! Buy any RED lipsense get it 10% off! TODAY ONLY!!
#2 wcw go to her but she be calling me a hoe but I now deep inside she loves me @xnxaxgx 😍❤️💖🔐
Okay IG’ers here’s your Turkey Day Workout...👊🏻👊🏻 Watch us on IG as we tackle this beast tomorrow and hope you do too. Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🍁🦃 Repost @kristitauti ( @get_repost) ・・・ 🏋️‍♀️THANKSGIVING WORKOUT🏋️‍♀️ . . . 3 PHASES 💥 * Choose any or all phases to adjust your desired workout time.! # 1 (10-20 minutes) STEADY STATE cardio on any machine.. - #2 (20minutes) . TABATA : 8 rounds 20sec work 10sec rest 1. Mt climbers 1min rest 2. Skaters 1min rest 3. Jumping jacks 1min rest 4. Kettlebell swing . #3 (45-60min) Partner or individual: Run 3miles (track or treadmill) 100 burpees 100 box jumps or squat jumps 1000 jump ropes.! 💥🏋️‍♀️💪🏻 * EXAMPLE : 1 partner run 1/4 mile while the other does 20burpees then switch. Break it up however you would like and complete this portion of workout as fast as possible.! *option to replace 3mile run with: Rowing machine: 6000meters - - CALORIC BURN ESTIMATIONS: - - #1- 200 females / 350 males #2- 200 females / 350 males #3- 600 females / 800 males..👫👫 - - #watchmework #putinthework #tabata #hiit #thanksgiving #fitmom
Walken😥 #2
Batik Hem Algazali #2 Rp 85rb TANYA/ORDER HUBUNGI👇 ♦BBM = 7C7D5D13 ♦LINE = yukibatikshop ♦WA = 081271706693 🚫 KOMEN DI IG SLOW RESPON🚫 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------✔ SUPPLIER FIRST HAND = TERMURAH!!! ✔ SEMUA BARANG READY = NO PO!!! ✔ OPEN GRUP UNTUK RESELLER!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------CARI BATIK BIGSIZE MURAH??? FOLLOW @bigsize_yukibatik dijamin GA BAKAL NYESEL! #batikmurah #batikcouple #batikdress #batikkantor #batik #bankbni #bankbca #grosirbatik #bankmandiri #bankbtn #banksumsel #bankbjb #bni46 #bnisyariah # #gudangbatikmurah # #batikdays #kebayamodern #bankbtpn #kebayawisuda #kebayamurah #gudangbatiksoloy
Non è facile da spiegare, ma tutto questo probabilmente è magico e non saprei spiegarlo meglio perché in due anni ne abbiamo affrontate di ogni tipo eppure ce l'abbiamo fatta. Auguri a noi amore mio.❤️❤️ #2
⚠ℹNowa twarz, "nowa igła" w naszym nowym zespole Babett #2 przy Bogusławskiego 5. Przedstawiamy Wam Olę i kilka jej prac - młoda, zdolna i ambitna, z wielką pasją tworzy i z nie mniejszą pasją przenosi swoje dzieła z papieru na skórę. Więcej twórczości Oli możecie zobaczyć na jej profilu @u.oli.nie.boli Zapisy na tattoo są otwarte, przyjmujemy je telefonicznie pod nr ☎️ 577 40 50 39, przez fb Oli lub Babett Barber Shop & Tattoo Studio lub na miejscu w salonie. Zapraszamy, nie ma co czekać ;) U Oli nie boli :D #Babett2 #TattooStudio #BarberShop #Wroclove #UOliNieBoli #Tattoos
#오늘아침 간만에 카레를했는데 어제 식단표에 카레라고 적힌걸 뒤늦게 봤어 미안😅 . . . . #오늘아침 #6살 #식판 #식단 #외동 #딸 #카레는원래 #2~3일씩 #먹는거야 #ㅋㅋㅋ
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