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*ROMEO MORO* RUOLO:punta/centrocampista ANNO:2003 CARATTERISTICHE: ovviamente lui è il bomber! ✊ #10
It was more than disappointment, but I gained from it. I learned from it. I leaned into it to step out of it. You learn from different perspectives and to be given the chance to grasp them is beautiful. My victory lap!!! My 10 years of finding a new life. #shropgangovaerrthing #10 #justakidfromcclockdown
🎁 El regalo perfecto 🎄 de esta navidad Casacas del Real Madrid Disponibles para entrega inmediata Color Blanca: - Marcelo #12 talla S - Ronaldo #7 Talla M - Sin nombre Tallas M, L y XL Color Aqua - Asensio #20 Talla S - Sin Nombre Tallas S, M, L y XL Barcelona - Messi #10 Talla L y XL - Sin Nombre Talla S, L y XL PSG - Nermar jr #10 Talla M y L Precios $40
🏒supporting UWS Yellowjackets 🐝 more specifically #10 💛🖤
Occhionigiganti #caplèt #10#
Cass’ wish you knew how much we all loved u ‘and we knew how u felt ‘ we will miss you so much beautiful ‘ I can’t remember any days that u don’t have a smile on ur face or u laughing ‘ u will never be forgotten and season is all for you ‘ we are all going to work to our fullest and never give up I’ll see u soon #10 “ Eagles on 3 family on 6 “ 123 Eagles 456 Family “ ❤️ 12.10.17 👼🏼❤️
Amor a você só tenho que agradecer por dividir cada momento da minha vida com você #nosso dia #bodas zinco #10 anos de #companherismo #uniao #e muito amor #ctidocoracao#
#10 goes to @fitforcalis . . . This list won't include any celebrities like Kylie Jenner or Nicki Minaj because this page is so you can kind of find new hot chicks
#10 Wolf Color Pencil
Mojoj ljubaviii rodjendan ❤️ #10
Participante #10 Buena Suerte @beyalex1907
😻🙈👸 #10
Rolê supresa pra quem merece! ❤ Que o único fardo que tenhamos que carregar seja o fardo de cerveja... 😉😂🍻 #10
Merry Christmas from Mousey🐭🎄 #holidaylove #mysweetgirl #luckymom #10 #mouseygirl #scarlettann
#weedporn #weed #imalloutofweed #drugs Every substance is a drug and we are drugs 😂 #money #10 #cannabiscommunity
El mejor calzón de San Cristóbal solo en GOOD PIZZA la reina del sabor. Av. Constitución #59 próximo a los bomberos y calle Padre Borbón #10, próximo al parque central, San Cristóbal. Pídela que te la llevamos GOOD PIZZA la reina del sabor Tel.: 809-288-4266
Bicara tentang rindu aku adalah orang yang sangat merindu #Mustopa_Kamal #10 #simpngprengky
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