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Streaming this as an attempt to get Despacito off #1 oops
Apartiment #inapangishwa #2 bd room, #1 bd room,self Container #Sebule #jiko #public toilet #Kodi Kwa mwezi ni tzs,350,000/-Malipo ni miezi6 #tiles #gypsum #Slide Windows #Luku #perving blocks #Maji #Car parking Space #Location-Tabsta #Call-0725471585/0754471595/0689468190
We did it! 5,000 followers today, and you know what that means, GIVEAWAY TIME!!! First, I have to thank each and every single one of you for all your support along the way. It's been an insane journey over the past year, and I can't wait to see where we are gonna next! Now, on for prizes and contest rules! 3rd prize gets 2 prints of their choice 2nd prize gets 2 prints and a copy of Green Arrow by Kevin Smith 1st prize will get the following (for now) 2 prints of your choice, Green Arrow: Rebirth vol. 1-3 and the grand daddy prize an SLC Green Arrow bow by the amazing folks over at @ivoryforgellc (the same one I use!) 💚 It's a lot like previous giveaways: 1. You have to be following me 2. Like this post 3. You need to share this post! Those simple rules will get you entered in to win! Three winners will be chosen at random, and the more shares we get, the more I'll add to the grand prize! First upgrade is if we get 10 shares: a Green Arrow action figure! 25 shares, I'll throw in a copy of Green Arrow by Kevin Smith tpb! 40 shares, a CGC 9.6 Green Arrow #1 graded copy from Kevin Smith's Quiver run! If we get more shares than that, I'll come up with some other awesome prizes! Thank you all again so much for helping me get this far!
*290rb Ransel GUCCI Multifungsi 636 #A324* Bisa tenteng, jinjing, ransel Uk. 29x14x32cm Bahan kanvas tebal kombinasi kulit Kualitas semipremium Berat 1kg Ready 6 pilihan warna : black, red, pink, gold, khaki, coffee tas #taswanita #taswanitamurah #tascantik #tasgaul #jualtasbranded #taswanitalucu #jualtas #taskerja #belanja #onlineshopping #tascewekimport #1 #tasbrandedmurah
Chef's table at Brooklyn Fare. Nice but Atera safely retains my #1 spot. #nyc #tastingmenu #eatlocal #latergram
Alright I'm done pic #1
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