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Е50 Gucci. Новые. Размер 38.5. Цена: 22.500₽ #успейкупить #1.25 #sale #
Who wants to learn how to make PAPER FKOWERS? @istiliarochepaperdesigns - My last workshop was a blast and such a hit that I decided to do another one!! Join us for 🌸✂️PAPER FLOWER WORKSHOP 🌸✂️in Vaughan, at the Al Palladini Community Centre - MEETING ROOM #1 . . . It's going to be a great evening with amazing company creating a Paper Flower and learning techniques & tricks on how to make fun centres for your paper flowers. . . . ALL materials will be included. Come out and have a fun creative night November 17th, 2017 at 7:30pm-9:30pm. There will be draws with lots of amazing prizes! Coffee & cookies will be served! . . . Tickets can be purchased through the Eventbrite link In their Bio or . . . . #paperflowers #paperflowerworkshop #funnight #eventbrite #linkinbio #bringyourbestie #vaughan #vaughanmoms #alpalladinicommunitycentre #workshop #girlsnightout #mommylife #craftnight #toronto #paperflowers #eventplanning #diy #vaughanevents #eventsinvaughan
Andreh birthday party #1 detalles para este pequeño #love #design #subtitulo #party #boy #babyboy #detalles
Vidalev Camisetas Personalizadas Coleção Esportes; *Times de Futebol: Palmeiras - Frente #1 Comemore a vitória de seu time de coração com as camisetas Vidalev times de futebol! Vidalev Personalizados Pra você, do seu jeito! WhatsApp: (13) 98153-8030
AHEM HEM HEM TYLER. BITCH ILY. UR MINE. UR A ASS. ok i feel like im doing a tv show- om ok tyler ilysfmm and i met u like a week ago but idgaf i already met u and again that pic actually happened- bc liek u liv in the same state as me and shit but idc ily. Ok. So. Daddy. U are liek soooo trashy. And liek everyone u is over protective like stop bitch. Uhm anyways i legit go to u 4 everything like im gay 4 u. Jkjk but i srsly feel like i annoy u bc if im tired "TYLERR HELPPP IM TIRED" uhm if im hungry "ASSHOLE GET ME FOOD" lmaooo like fr im so clingy w/ u. Uhm u called me and liek forced me to sing. Im shook. Bc. No. Just. Fucking. No. I love to sing but im stage fright ur the first person i ever sung infront of. OMG TYLER. u is hot. Like. Holy shit. And tbh when i went to meet u i wasnt even scared bc like i trust u sooo muchhhh likee dooodddd ur my number oneeee and u dnt hv ig so ill just screenshot this and text u it. But like tyler wd have so much fun togetherrr like jesussss i called u a hippo and we just roasted eachother until i finally got paid and then i went to a pizza shop and bought pizza and made u jelly. U fr shooked me bc u rode a bike to my house and forced me to give u pizza. I did obvi but there was a fight 😂 i ended up getting whacked with a branch LMAOOO ok ok srry i cant- ok there is so much i could say abt u and abt our great adventures but this is getting a bit long so uhm ilysfmmm thanks 4 making me laught and being my docter from the phsyco hospital. I fucking luv u bitchh. -ur #1 aka kaytlin (;
Nähkästchenplauderei #1 GUT GEBÜGELT IST HALB GENÄHT... Bügeln ist das A und O beim nähen, es hat mir so manches Projekt gerettet... - - WELL IRONED IS HALF STITCHED Ironing is crucial when it comes to stitching and it already saved some of my projects... ° ° ° #bügeln #nähen #nähkästchen #diy #ironing #sewing
💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 Dagr8fm #1 Global Hip-Hop Station "Connecting The World Through Music!" Official affiliates of Stream, Digital Radio Tracker & Nielsen. broadcasting on digital radio platforms such as #Streema, #Reciva, #Radionomy, #Xialive, #Tunein and #iTunes #realdjsbreakrecords #ifuxxwitit #atlanta #playlist #arts #craft #HipHop #culture #photoshoot #iRap #model #fitness #lifestyle #workout #passionate #talented #connectingtheworldthroughmusic🎤🎹🎧🎵🎶
I'm sad to be losing a customer,but extremely excited to announce my newest business partner and friend, Stephanie Randolph!! She's been saying "someday" for a while and finally decided today was her day!!! She is a busy wife, nurse, and now CEO of the #1 skincare brand in North America!! I can’t wait to see where this business takes you! If you're interested in a clinically proven product that's backed by a 60 day, empty bottle, money back guarantee, Stephanie is here to help! OR if you're interested in partnering with a company that Forbes, Harvard Business, Fox News, the Today Show & many others rave over, she can hook you up with that as well! Forbes:… Fox News: Today Show:…/direct-sales-are-booming-helping-hom… Yahoo Finance:…/rodan-fields-named-1-skincare-1…
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